Your given name or some other name?

Not wanting to stel or add to the “Our” thread although something similar my Dad’s eldest sister 2nd eldest of 15 was called “Cis” to me Aunt Cis never questioned it. Until doing family history I discovered her name was Dorothy I asked my Dad who was still Alve then and he said but she is the eldset Sister - hence Sis. I then subsequently discovered my Nan (Mom’s Mom) was also called Cis by all her brothers and sisters her name was Rose

My Aunt Cis was born 1907 and my Nan 1900.

But got to say lots of people in families back then were not apparently known by their given name

We have a Hindu friend who had to change her first name when she was in her 20’s.Her mother had gone to some mystic who had told her it was unlucky.


Had a friend at work whose given name was/is John no one called him that but called him Pete I asked
him why once and he said his Dad’s younger brother was John as was his Grandad’s younger brother and he was called after them I said “Ahh to avoid confusion” he said “No both died before they were 20 before I was born, so its unlucky but it’s a family name” Go figure.

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I know quite a few who are known by their second name not their first.

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My mum’s family were always changing their surname, probably something to do with their criminal records.

It amazing the fun you can have when delving into your family tree.


My eldest Aunt’s christian name was Marguerite but everyone called her Daisy, after the flower.

Also my Dad’s name was Haydn but at work he was always known as Jim and at home my Mum always called him Mike …… goodness knows why! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Yep, my grandmothers first name was Ethel but she was always known by her second name, Maud.

Not names that seem to have had a second coming.

I have always been known by my first name especially since the late Queen liked my second name so much she named her first son after me.

I had an uncle jack whose real name was John, no idea why he was called jack

My mum was a twin , she was christened Olive and her twin brother Nicholas, neither were ever called by there birth names , mum was known as Betty and her brother was Tony

I know little about my ancestors, names pseudonyms or anything else, I was told about them when younger but, had more pressing matters to deal with.

It seems to be more common than I thought.
My BH’s mother’s name is Petronella but she is called Pia.Her father is known as Pete but his real name is David.(He looks a Pete) And she spells her name differently to that on her birth certificate.It can be interesting when identification is needed on documents.

It’ll be confusing for the next generation seeking out their ancestry, when George has now become Georgina, Robert to Roberta, and Gillian into Jack… :017:

One of the reasons I don’t go delving into my family history…I bet there were some right scoundrels…Perhaps it’s better not to know… :009:

My brother aways calls me sis,and i call him bro…
And i call my husband H ,amongst other things lol.

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As long as you don’t call him…late for his dinner brokenvows…

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We are all called by our names, but when we were growing up we called our aunt’s and uncles by that name.
My sister in law married to my brother, she let her son call her by her name Kate and not mom, i was surprised about that never known it before.
When i asked her about it she said, that’s my name.

I was named David. But, I have been called many different names throughout my life, most of which I cannot repeat for fear of breaking forum rules. Suffice to say, many of these names rather hurtful and underserved. (IMO) One or two, perhaps very apt. (Blush)

I’m Julia… I often get Julie… I don’t mind either

I’m Angela but answer to Angie :wink:
At school I was given the name Angelica .
School reunions I wear my Angelica badge , happy days

At school it was Besoeker, just the surname. At degree level it was a bit more polite - Mr Besoeker. There were exceptions. My Physics tutor called me “Ginge”. I wonder why…