Your Christmas trees :)

We put ours up last night and I took a pic…
Lets see yours as & when you put it up :slight_smile:

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Very pretty, we dont have a tree now although I bought tiny tree from M&S, it has some white spray on it but it might grow as its in soil.

Pretty Cassie :slight_smile: like Annie I don’t have a tree, I always used to go to family in Derbyshire for Christmas so never had one :slight_smile:

i’m holding off for a while, but I saw some very nice ones in Chatsworth Garden Centre yesterday, but I haven’t bought one yet.

Very pretty, Cassie:-) ours won’t be going up for another week or so…

Lovely, I got ours out of the shed today and we are planning to put it up on Tuesday because we are both working all weekend. The problem is where to put it in our little tincy house.:slight_smile:

That’s very pretty Cassie, I like that. I bought a real one last year and the stupid thing grew out sideways like a bonsai tree, I had to take everything off and start again on a new ‘pretend’ one. It’s very lifelike and people have gone up to it to feel it to check it’s fake or real. It will go up in a couple of weeks I think.

Nice but too early for me. Mine will go up a week before Christmas

I stopped doing a tree (real) a few years ago, as the work of dragging it home on my shopping cart and setting it up just got to be too hard for me with my COPD. And I would never have put it up this early, never before the 15th. I do sort of miss it; even though I’m in better health now this studio apartment is just too small for one (I don’t particularly like table trees).

But I do enjoy seeing others’ trees; I like yours, Cassie! :smiley:

I may post a pic of one from previous years if that’s OK?

Now thats odd we were talking about this at work this morning I work in BQ and people are starting in droves to buy tree’s real and artificial.

We have a artificial one in the loft but seriously considering a real one this year…have had them before …I am not too sure. Will be decorating the outside of the house next week though and the tree the weekend of the 17th I think. Working nights Mon-Thurs restricts my ability to anything other than sleep, shop, cook, walk the dog clean run backwards and forwards to Drs apointments and of course shower and eat.

A picture of any much loved Christmas tree is always nice.:mrgreen:

Thanks, Kazz!

Cassie and Eileen, two lovely Christmas trees there…

I don’t have a tree (or decorations), but I do like to admire other peoples :slight_smile:

Nice trees Cassie and Eileen, like Merz I no longer to a tree but also like to look at other people’s :slight_smile:

love your tree nice shades two :slight_smile:
I put mine uplast week its only a table one
not got the energy this year

We bought a smaller one for the table this year because of lack of space, so it went up earlier than usual. Here is our little display, complete with animated figures, which Alfie is fascinated with :smiley:

Nice Trees but it is far to early to put them up.

Christmas eve, the start of the Twelve days of Christmas is when ours goes up and always has been even when the kids were at home.

That’s a lovely tree Eileen, laden just how I do mine and it looks realy nice by that fireplace. Berxer, love the berries, fircones and crackers and that robin is a dellight, is that another I can see peeking behind?

I usually do the tree in the seven days leading up to Christmas, but dont have a tree now just this minione, when I do the mantlepiece I will send a picture if I can get it to work.

Lovely tree Carmen, red and green look lovely together.

I used to have a plant like yours on the left but I can never remember the name of it!:smiley: