You Beauty tips for over 50s

Your Beauty tips for over 50s

We all read different tips in magazines, most are stating that their product is anti-ageing. I don’t believe a word of that.
But please share if a miracle happened to you with one of these creams.

I think as we age it is important to use a magnifying mirror when applying our make-up for starters.

But before that, a good moisturizer is essential, as our skin gets drier as we age. I am lucky as my skin is not that dry, it was quite oily when I was younger, so I can use any cheap moisturizer, I found no difference in the use of more expensive ones. So I use Lidl for my face creams.

Please add your tips. Thank-you

If I were to offer just one tip it would be the use of coconut oil.
I use it :
to take off make up
To clean my face
As a lip balm
As a base to make other beauty products like hair masks
In the ends of my hair because it actually absorbs into the hair cuticle
To help whiten teeth
For nail cuticles
As a hand sealer but first I use lotion and seal it in with the oil

There are other products I use but I find coconut oil very good and cost effective. It’s anti bacterial and anti fungal.

(I forgot the R in the title!!! Can’t change it!)
I have used that Bratti, but my preference is with Argan oil at the moment.
I didn’t know coconut oil was anti-fungal, I use Tea tree oil.
Thank you for your input. x

I hope people also ask for help with beauty problems. That way we can all help.

I got no problems in the beauty department, just plain stunningly good looking.;-):!:

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Guys need to moisturize too you know. Do you?:lol:

my daily beauty plan is to always keep out of the sun as much as possible - but I am trying some betnovate to get rid of little bits of eczema of my forehead it this doesn’t work I’ll switch to coconut oil - it sounds good on usage basis!

An old fashion cure for Eczema is Fuller’s earth. You could mix this with the coconut oil I suppose.

I use E45 moisturiser, which so far had kept the wrinkles away.

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