Yet another TV licence thing

A few weeks ago, I phoned the TV licence department. My licence was due for renewal at the end of July.
As I was not at my home for august due to an operation and a stay at my daughter’s whilst recovering.
So I asked that could they reschedule the start of the licence for September.
They said that they could do that.
I then said that I don’t watch any live programes on my TV, and all the other stuff even on ‘Freeview’ are repeats. So why can’t my licence be repeated?
( I was joking with them).
Yesterday I got this letter.
Notice the highlighted part. Err is that right?
I shall contact them again and question them about this.

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Seems a bit of a weird thing to write, which is obviously open to misinterpretation.

just looked up under TV licence and you can only get it under certain circumstance ie age on pension credit or a carer to name but three

It sounds as if the person you spoke to took your joke seriously and thought you were saying you did not watch or record any live TV, so you did not need a TV Licence.

If you do watch or record live TV on any channel or watch BBC iPlayer, you do need to contact them to let them know.
If you’re not sure if you qualify for a free TV Licence, you can discuss that when you contact them, as it depends on your personal circumstances.
For example, If you’re 75 or over and you claim Pension Credit, you’re entitled to a free TV licence. If you’re visually impaired, you may be able to get a discount.