Yet another one!

Hello All,

Happy to be here, just about to have a tour

Love the various topics and looking forward to ‘meeting’ you all.

Hello EllaKeat :slight_smile: a warm welcome to Over50sForum…

Hi EllaKeat and welcome, I hope you enjoy your time on Over50sForum. :039:

hi ella welcome …

Hallo Ellakeat. I used to know someone of the same name. Have we met before?


Hello, hello, hello!

Welcome. I too knew someone of that name, but sadly she died,

Hello Ella :slight_smile: welcome…

Hello Ella! You must have a very popular name because I know an EllaKeat too! If you’re the one and the same, it’s nice to see you again after so long.


Lovely to see you and all the others here.

We have great Mods here.

Lovely and dead straight.

respect them and everyone will be fine.

I get the odd bollocking, and yes, it is my fault.

Best site on the Web.

Thank you for the welcomes

I am sorry, I think I must have pinched someones user name… a friend once told me that this was my ‘Fairy Name’ and I liked the sound of it, so thought it would make a good name.

Do I need to change it?

If the real Ella Keat is here, I am sorry

Hello Ella :slight_smile: you’ll be pleased to know you are the only EllaKeat on Over50s so you are entitled to keep the name. :-D. A lovely name it is too.! :slight_smile:

Thank you !

Hello EllaKeat. I’d love to have a fairy name!