Yesterday and My Carers


First visit from one of my helpers, Paula, complete with daughter Millie and French Bulldog , named Paris for a while.

A great help and great fun also.

It is the simple things in life which matter.

I had missed Millies 6th Birthday, I was in trouble.

A packet of Jaffa Cakes solved the issue with Millie, all to herself, Mum not allowed any.

A trip to the charity shop was also great for her, an LED YoYo and and an Egg Dinosaur.

Mum had to vac the living room, Paris, the dog, hates the vac so straight under the duvet with me.

Millie was not to be missed out, the noise of the Vac meant she had to have an Ice Lolly.

They are so funny at that age.


It’s good to see you relaxed and enjoying life again, Swimmy.

I’m pleased for you :+1:

Sounds like things are returning to normal for you. Onwards and Upwards now. :+1: :wink: :blush:

Kids are great fun… glad you seem to be doing well Swimmy


It is impossible not to cheer up with kids and dogs around.

@swimfeeders Sounds like you get entertainment thrown in with the cleaning Swimmy :icon_cool: you are on to a winner there…

@swimfeeders Gosh! I wish cleaning up in my house was such fun! Kids and dogs are hilarious! What a lovely read :+1: