Wrong number - what would you do? (poll)

Got a text from a company telling me that my insurance policy will cancel if I don’t answer. I don’t have an insurance policy with that company.

What would you do? (Poll shows your username)

  • Respond to tell them they have the wrong number.
  • Respond to tell them to cancel the policy.
  • Try to contact the guy they’re trying to find.
  • Not answer.
  • Something else.

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It’s probably a scam


That’s what I thought … too many fraudsters are out there fishing for information these days.

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Ignore it.

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I’ve got a phone with a button that blocks numbers, so I wouldn’t have said anything and just pushed the button like I do with all those sorts of calls.

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was just thinking I might give them the name & No. of my worst enemy.

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One thing that has me hesitant is that they have the person’s name and address in the text. Would a real company give out that information in a text?

If I got a text like that, and I suspected it wasn’t genuine, I would just delete it immediately.
If you replied, they’ll know it was an ‘active’ number, and will no doubt bombard you with more nonsense.

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That’s my answer for most things. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t have numbers for my worst enemies. I don’t have reason to call them much. Wanna volunteer? :wink:

Ha! I just googled Jeremy Corbyn’s phone number and https://jeremycorbyn.org.uk gives numbers for Citizens Advice, Samaritans etc.

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New text. They’re giving me a one time passcode for someone else’s account. Note to self. If this is a real company, don’t do business with them. So much breach of confidentiality.

If I thought it was a genuine text from a genuine company, I would respond to say they have the wrong number -
But I would check out the company first to decide if it I think it is a genuine attempt to contact a policy holder or not.
If I had any cause for suspicion it was a scam. I would ignore the message.

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It’s the name of a real online insurance company. They sell cheap insurance.

The two things that are suspicious are they gave the person’s address and now a passcode to their account.

That does sound suspicious.
It may be a phishing trip to see which random numbers respond.
If in doubt, I would not acknowledge or respond to their messages.


Did this text address you by name ?
It’s probably a scam if not so I wouldn’t reply .


My bank doesn’t even give me my OWN password in a text, let alone someone else’s.
That’s appalling security.

Even if the firm’s name is legit as you say, Butterscotch, it doesn’t mean the contact details given are correct. They could lead straight to a scammers hotline.


I would be wary of clicking or answering anything from them. It’s not your responsibility to fix their “mistakes”. If you can block the number entirely, I would.

I’m getting texts just now from a car finance company. Calling me the wrong name and saying my loan has been approved, and is ready to collect. The thing is, they have multiple numbers :roll_eyes:


Right?! Scary thought that any business could do that.

Not my name. They give the person’s name they’re trying to reach. I don’t have a policy with them.

I’m not super worried. It’s a Wi-Fi number I don’t use often. If they flood the number, I’d just get another number. This was mostly a fun poll.

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sorry…I think we all just got concerned :smiley:

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