Would you carpet your walls?

No definitely not, I’m happy with Dulux timeless.

Especially with all that shag pile in the bedroom!


Nah, can’t see me ever wanting to carpet my walls.

Imagine trying to hoover them at that angle - bugger that. I’ve got more important things to do than hoover walls. :roll_eyes:


Oi, its not me who is worried about the “breathing moist air” all over the carpet walls!! :joy: You need a lot of heavy breathing for that I would think! I like those pretzel things so I went to have a look at some…this looks a bit bizarre


Hilarious! :rofl:

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Probably a good idea for those in a straightjacket, they’re less likely to draw blood when banging head against wall repeatedly.

The only wall I’ve ever carpeted was the car port wall at our last place and that was only to protect our car’s doors if we opened them too far by accident. I’m waiting for our bungalow’s floors to be recarpeted before I do the same on our garage wall with an off-cut.


Thats a great idea, Percy, to protect your car doors…I doubt everyone thinks of that! :+1:

I’m not even keen on floor carpets, while we’re at it why not carpet the ceiling too?
And what about climate change, sweltering away in a carpety room breathing in particles of Shake ‘n’ vac, not my idea of good living :wink:

Nice rugs on the floor yes, tapestries have already been mentioned, I’d be happy with a Tudor wall hanging or two.

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I had wooden flooring previously in my flat, in a close, and I loved it. Now I’m in a regular house which opens to the outdoors and with a rickety front door, and I have thick underlay and thick carpet. Wouldn’t be without it!

I have a large handcrafted Indian Tapestry (unhung as yet) which spans the wall. It will be used as a door curtain come the winter time!

Do they still sell that? I remember the adverts and now I can’t get the song out of my head!

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They certainly do, I occasionally get it from the pound shop. We have two bedrooms in our flat both of which are carpeted.

I have to say I like the idea of your Indian tapestry I bet that’ll work a treat!

Sorry about bringing back memories of the song :slight_smile:

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I had to google the entire song to make it disappear. Works a treat :+1:

I use bicarb of soda and citrus juice for mine. Kept in a jar, it stays fresh for a daily sprinkle and it’s safe for pets.

Yes I’ll do pics when the time comes :+1:

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Or you can get flock wall paper. Little story comimg up

When worked for BT I had a job to provide a wall telephone in a big house in Esher Surrey (dead posh really posh area). So I went to the house and the lady showed me where she wanted the phone on the wall. Where she wanted it was half way down this long hall with flock wallpaper on it. So I said to her the only way I can do it is to fix the cable (dial phone days this is) either to the wall /ceiling edge or wall/floor edge on a wooden floor, even though not a good idea because of cable damage.

What she wanted me to do is slit at least 20 ft of the flock wall paper in the hall, then dig out the plaster underneath put the cable in the “trench” and restick the flock wall paper back over the top. Obviously something I was NOT going to do, Guess what she reported me to my manager who went out and told her in no uncertain terms it was not the engineers job

amazing what some expect others to do


What a botch job - didn’t she realise that the flock wallpaper would dip into the trench you made and look really unsightly! :roll_eyes:


The story I mean, and I thought Claygate was a bit posh :wink:

What about carpeting our cars? **



Yes!! Love this! :smiley:

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Carpeted walls are reminiscent of padded cells no thanks .

but you would have to hoover both inside and outside the car! Even Henry would protest.

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Reminiscent? Are you familiar with these things? I’m so sorry…