Would this be a medical condition?

When I last went for a check up I watched a lady walk into the Outpatients clinic backwards. Then walk to a seat backwards. Seems she is unable to walk in a forward motion? Ever seen anything similar?

There is a few medical conditions that may result in someone walking backwards.
I have heard of patients with Dystonia being able to walk backwards even though they struggle to walk forwards.
Also, some people with Parkinson’s Disease find they can walk backwards when they cannot walk forwards.
My father-in-law had Parkinson’s Disease and he used to stand for ages trying to put one foot forward but his foot would move only very slightly forward then backwards, some days it took him several minutes just to take a step or two forwards - but if he stepped backwards, the feet could complete those movements, so he sometimes found it easier to walk backwards.

It must be some function of the brain which sends the correct messages for some movements but not others.

I remember reading about a Brazilian footballer who developed Parkinson’s Disease. When he was having trouble moving forwards, he discovered that when he threw a football onto the floor and kicked it, he could override his start hesitation and was able to run fluently with the football.


Helen Shapiro wrote a song about this, it’s strange what folks will do in their pursuit of happiness.


There is a rare neurological disorder that causes movement disfunctions, so perhaps she would fall into that category.

Walking backwards can change your life. Not sure if this would apply but some people do it intentionally for health.


Didn’t Michael Jackson perfect moonwalking

The Goons did it for Xmas.

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