Would people drive safer without insurance?

This has always puzzled me…say you are a tightrope walker and there was no safety net then you would be extra careful and wouldnt take risks…same with a free style rock climber without ropes so wouldnt a driver without insurance driving a new car costing thousands drive more carefully?

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Then by same token why don’t you suggest instead of airbags we have hand grenades fitted to centre of steering wheel or possibly a 24’’ spike that detonates if in an accident … that may focus ones mind on the road and keep speed down


Nope, prats will always be prats.

We have one million uninsured drivers and they have disproportionately more crashes than the insured.

thats a silly arguement…insurance in my opinion shouldnt be compulsory…if you know you are a careful driver you shouldnt need it…for instance ive been driving over 40 years and not one accident claim…the insurance companies must love me! I mean why should i subsidise all the other prats on the roads because thats what i’m effectively doing for my careful driving…a company rep can take risks and have multiple accidents but he/she doesnt care because company will pay for it

In my experience the people without insurance drive worse than those with it. They have really cheap £100 cars they don’t bother to MOT or insure them. Drive them til they fall apart.
The idea they are people driving cars worth thousands would only work for a small proportion of people IMO.

West Midlands Police later stated the Ferrari was crushed because it had no valid insurance and was a Category B vehicle - which are officially classed as unroadworthy, meaning the shell has to be destroyed.

if you can provide stats then i might believe it…what experience have you had of this? just an assumption no doubt

Why do you need stats?
You can choose to believe it or not, no one is forcing you to do either.
If you need stats, you can look them up yourself.

Julie is merely stating her views on this - which I happen to agree with because of MY experience. I couldn’t give a toss about stats.

Boy racers have smashed my front garden wall down TWICE, and one succeeded in writing my car off in the process.
None of these morons were insured, and had cheap old cars.

Whether you believe it or not is not important I’m afraid, because I know it is true.


Can you provide any stats yourself?

If an uninsured driver wrote off your car could you afford to replace it?

Are the Schools on holiday…again! :mrgreen:

I think they would carry on regardless, insurance or no insurance. :069:


ok so your insurance paid out…but i’d rather take the risk and not have it because there are no yobs where i live…i didnt vote in a law saying insurance should be compulsory…only a committee did that with vested interests comprising of judges and police

Another person only interested in statistics I think when I say in my experience that should be enough to see I am talking about things I’ve seen with my own eyes. I suggest anyone wanting statistics ignores my posts as I am not an encyclopedia of statistics I’m a person living in the real world looking around me at what is happening.

In this case I saw too many of my sons friends jump into cars didn’t have any insurance often not even belonging to them and driving like lunatics. Luckily my lads were open to the realisation that sort of behaviour wouldn’t get them far in life and didn’t do it. But there are loads of kids out there driving cars no insurance no MOT etc.

It’s a hell of a risk these days is it not? :102: Don’t the Police have some gadget on their car dash that scans the car in front and they can tell at a glance if it’s Taxed, Insured and MOTd. Nice big fine and points on your licence, without them even having to look you up at the Station.

Well that assumes we have regular patrols, tbh I can drive miles round here never see a police car.

Just an aside but I parked next to a car yesterday could not have had an MOT i swear it was held together with black tape and string. How they didn’t get stopped I don’t know as they didn’t even have a number plate or working lights at the back.


Even with ANPR we still have a million uninsured.

This is silly.

As Swimfeeders asked a few posts back, what are you going to do if someone writes your car off and they won’t pay?

And what would you do if horror of horrors YOU did actually have a moments lapse in concentration and hit another car?
Do you have say £10,000 lying by to pay for the damages you caused?

Let’s make it worse. Say you hit a pedestrian. You’d be looking at enormous sums of money to pay. You’d have to sell your house maybe or borrow on its equity. You may well end up in jail.

Do you have dashcams, forward and back?

Could just be an animal run into the road, who would pay the money in that case ? foxy tends not to have active bank accounts as far as I know.