Would any would be weight ‘losers’ like to join me?

Hi everyone, This newby is trying to lose weight. I’m not in any weight loss club, I am counting calories at the moment but believe me I’ve tried most things.

The reason this time is that a granddaughter is getting married in August but really it is for long term health and my arthritic joints. I’d like to lose 14lbs by the middle of August. I thought I’d post any loss :smiley: or gain :blush: here once a week.

Would any would be ‘losers’ like to join me?

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I’d love too, but I’ve lost 17kgs in 18 months, but have been stuck at 90kg for the past 3 months and just can’t seem to shift it.
I eat a fraction of what i used to, I don’t snack anymore, only on fruit, and I cycle around 80kms (50 miles) every week.

To say I’m disheartened is an understatement.

I do wish you the best of luck, I found the first stone was easy, it’s after that it seems to get harder.

My goodness, I think you’ve done very well but I know how upsetting is to plateau, I have all the T-shirts. As I said, I count my calories, I record them on line, it really does help me to know just how much - or little I can eat.

I’m so glad you’re joining me - it’s good for the morale. In fact
the more the merrier. :smiley:

Where do you do this ?

Topaz, Google ‘Food Focus’ it is a free site. There is also one called ‘myfitnesspal’ but I am used to Food Focus, I think it’s less complicated. You could have a look at both to see which one you prefer.

Good luck.

Hi Nuttygran,—Good luck with your efforts.-- Reaching a plateau is your body adapting to a set amount of calories in and calories out each day. Have you tried mixing it up to fool your metabolic rate. By that I mean exercise at different rates on different days and eat more calories on certain days and less on others. That way total calories you eat is the same amount of calories over the week and exercise is the same amount but the pattern is broken so the body doesn’t adjust to set needs. In fact you may have just given me the nudge to lose the 1/2 st. that I keep complaining needs to go.:023:

Hi Rueben, :039: Lol, this lazy so & so does no planned exercise. Years ago I joined a gym with a friend, it bored me rigid, my friend still goes. I walk to & from my town centre - I’m told it’s about 300 metres each way- for shopping & to meet that same friend for coffee. I garden a little but besides housework that’s just about all. I try to keep to 1200 calories per day, yesterday it was less than 1000 but today it will be nearer 1300. So nothing is set in stone…

Do join us & we can exchange tips & compare weight - hopefully - losses. :smiley:

Oh dear!! That effort to resist fattening food didn’t last very long. Earlier this afternoon I had a piece of chocolate gateau with cream and ice-cream. I must try to practice what I preach:blush:—Nutty you have got to get that metabolism gearing up a notch. Cutting the calories down for too long without exercise will slow down your metabolism and it stays down. I’ve done the gym bit and it is boring so are exercise machines once the novelty has worn off. O/H and I share walking our boxer dog as one way of keeping active. I played badminton which I did enjoy until fairly recently when a flying missile called a shuttlecock injured my left eye. The injury was a damaged retina for which I needed laser repair this has put paid to my badminton days:-( as I am afraid of any further damage to my left eye. We have a treadmill but I find it boring although my O/H uses it. Maybe putting on some music in the privacy of your home and doing a bit of dancing about would get your metabolism going.That’s what I do sometimes. I don’t care what I look like because no one is watching.:lol:

Good luck to you all! :smiley:

Rueben, Funny you should suggest I dance in private, I do most days, all round my flat. Like this… :mini: … Yes, I am joking… :mrgreen:

Thanks Dandysmom. :smiley:

You should try this dance …http://bestsmileys.com/dancing/9.gif it’s not too strenuous for the over 50’s!:mrgreen:

Wow Mags, that’s perfect, Lol.

Can i join your thread please?Ive lost 22lb since Feb:-):-)off to my “Fat Club” this morning for weigh in will let you know:confused:

Welcome to the thread Geordie girl. Well done with your weight loss. Good luck for today’s results. :smiley:

I think I’ll weigh in on a Saturday.

It’s easy to lose weight - cut out carbs like bread/pasta/rice, eat things like meat/veg/fruit/nuts/fish/salad - basically anything that you could (or we did) eat raw (ie what our ancestors ate).

When you do that you’ll find that it’s actually hard trying to put on weight :lol:

I’m taking Reubens advice, as I’ve also been told the same recently by a friends sister who is a Slimming World consultant.
Next Tuesday I am taking delivery of a treadmill that have bought from a friend (it sounds like have have loads of friends, but actually it’s the same one:cry:). So am going to mix my excersice routine between cycling, walking and the treadmill.

I shall be the fittest corpse in the morgue…:048:

Oh Azz, If only it was that easy. I wonder if you are an Ectomorph? A friend of mine is, her mother used to call her one of Pharaohs lean kine. I tried Atkins several years ago, then plateaued & gave up… Story of my life… :smiley: But - if at first I d… :mrgreen:

Good luck, let us know how you get on. I know someone who lost 5st with SW & looks great, my excuse is she’s twenty years younger than me. :wink:

I don’t really know much about the Atkins diet tbh - apart from knowing to avoid it :lol:

When you were doing it, what did/didn’t you eat?

Yes I would say I am an Ectomorph - even when I’m ‘fat’ I’m skinny :lol: