Worrying phone call

Last night my house was empty & locked up. I was sleeping at Thorsby Hall hotel 30 miles away.

I was lying in bed watching a film when around 11.50 my home number rang me on my mobile. It startled me naturally - I thought we’d had a break in & the burgler was ringing me to take the micky. Obviously it would have had to be somebody who knew we were away. My mobile number is pinned up next to the landline.

I was so worried I called the police & they went round to check. Everything was ok - no break in.

How did my home number call my mobile?

This technology is beyond me.

Is there an explanation?

OOOh spooky.

your home phone got lonely without you. Did you leave on your mobile phone such as divert ?

Perhaps I can shed some light to your worrisome phone call.

Anyone, hackers or even myself, can set my phone to display any number I would like when calling anyone. Hackers choose whatever they want.

So…if scammers have your cell number, and your name attached, which is so remarkably easy to “google”…they can also look up your home phone number.
Then…attach your home number to their call, knowing you’ll recognize your own number, and answer the call. Voila…
Now, they can record your voice (another scary thing AI), or entice you to send them money/ gift cards/etc.

Guess I have now set your mind racing…sorry, but be aware of all of these scams, and you’ll be a safer person.


Hmmm - interesting Right Now. I hope it isn’t hackers.

I don’t have call divert or even an answerphone. Just a plain & simple land line. I just can’t understand how it happened.

Your so correct “RN”
Once i had a strange phonecall carole, from my sons mobile number ,
Saying , hi mum, ive broken down, in a deserted area, im not badly hurt , but just shaken , but im just about to lose wifi , but will phone you back, on my friends phone shortly ,
Then i got the phonecall, from a different number, asking me to put so much into an account , so they could get home etc etc….
I quickly phoned my sons number, i was really anxious ,hoping he was ok and where he was ,
He said “ just a scam mum”…not bothered at all about it
Good job ,i never sent the 5.000 pounds they wanted then !!

Wish I had read this sooner but I’m guessing your back home now.
Press the redial on your landline when you get home and see if it does phone your mobile. Then you will know whether it’s was your actual phone or some hacker trying to use your number.

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Aw wish you’d read this sooner too.

What a simple solution. Why didn’t I think of that?

Too late now of course…

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