Worried about Micro$oft Spying on You?

I am not sure if I have mentioned this before but there are many YouTube videos telling you how to restrict Micro$oft data mining your computer (apart from the obvious one of using a local log in)

Personally I use O&O Shutup which does everything at once automatically, you need to run this program regularly because M$ upgrades reset some of the things you turn off.

I like the program as I say, not least of all because it reminds you to create a restore point before you run it and it runs as a stand alone program so you don’t need to install it (I store it on one of my NASs so it is available to any computer on my network)

Get it from here:


Thanks for the heads up Bruce, but to be honest I don’t have a clue about the antics that microsoft get up to so I might end up making a dogs breakfast of my laptop. I try to be careful what I do on this laptop, and some of the stuff from microsoft is annoying, but I wouldn’t want to cut off my nose to spite my face, if you see what I mean. I don’t possess the knowledge that you do Bruce, and some of the things you post about doing on your computer go way beyond my understanding, but I still enjoy reading your exploits with 3D printing and form creation… :+1:

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I’m not worried but slightly annoyed at their business practice. And that applies to all the IT giants like Google etc., not only to MS. Just having a go at MS, as has become fashionable for some time, while ignoring the activities of the others doesn’t make sense. OTOH, didn’t they just do what a lot of people dream of and which reveals the superiority and advantages of the system, seizing an opportunity?

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That is the beauty of this software, it does everything for you. You don’t have to know anything.

Just create restore point (single click - it does that for you too) then selection the action, if you are of a nervous disposition click the green button, if you are of a more adventurous nature you can click the orange or red buttons.

Easy as…


The softwa re company is so successful at removing themselves from search engines that you can find hardly anything about them on search other than what the company wants you to see on their own website. Olaf Kehrer and Oliver Falkenthal don’t have wiki pages and O & O Software has only 6 news page entries, none in the last 2 years. Most of the information about this package is on the red-dit social media site. Half the reviews are glowing, the other half scathing.

It seems to be a Deutsch company and a certified partner of Mr G’s empire. They say there is no such thing as a free lunch. My view is that we are getting to the point where operating system providers will make it nigh on impossible for ordinary users to access system editing because they are making the underlying code and files so difficult to find. If you do use such software you have to be a real expert like Bruce.

The ease of use of applications that fall within the dark empires is making it impossible to step outside for anyone that doesn’t want to lose the will to live. This is clearly deliberate but I’m these days of the opinion that life is too short to move against the relentless wave of tech trash that has been foisted on our lives.

I’ve noticed posting certain words about Mr G or red dit goes right into moderation so I have edited this post to see if it works.

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I think those who have an interest in computers per se will know of O&O ShutUP. I haven’t used it myself but I have taken measures in the past to stop any ‘spying’. I haven’t done so for quite a few years now though.

I recently had to reset my computer to the Hewlett-Packard initial installation because of having a faulty motherboard changed under the extended care package. The operating system was not activated when the computer came back to me (long story). Resetting was the only thing that worked and it avoided me giving in and buying an activation key. That’s all an aside though.

Resetting meant all the usual Microsoft options had to be gone through such as location, level of feedback etc. I have pretty much accepted all but a couple of them, the same as I have over recent years when formatting/reinstalling Windows on other computers.

I don’t believe all the feedback agreed to, up front or hidden, is for personal spying purposes. It’s gathering the location and computer usage of the millions upon millions of Windows users for sure but so far, this hasn’t proved harmful to me on a personal level. As much as anything else, the result of data gathering might even be useful to Microsoft in the further development of the operating system and so beneficial to us all.

I understand about the two ways of looking at this and don’t say that preventing data gathering should not be done if that’s a concern. It’s just that I don’t worry about it.

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I’m beyond caring. MS, Google, HP, Anroid, Samsung and lord knows who, hold bits of information on me. It’s not going to do them much good. But I’m just one of billions providing stats to AI think tanks spewing out tends that might be used by governments and our overlords. Resistance is futile.

Is that the wrong attitude?

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I can’t say I worry about it but I do like making it as difficult as possible for these companies. I suppose it is just a bit of a challenge. As I have said elsewhere, there is safety in numbers

For example I never put a phone number or email address when I donate to charities if only to stop them hassling me for more.(I don’t pay tax so I don’t need the receipt even though they invariably post it to me)

if information is optional I don’t give it out, but very often there is no way to avoid personal data when closing a transaction to buy a good or service online. I draw the line at biometric data. That’s seriously creepy and becoming more popular with people who don’t realise who they are sharing their face with. Of course anyone who has shared with FB is already compromised. So how many here don’t use / never used that platform?

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One here.

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We should have been worried 15 years ago, when Apple and Google and MicroSnoop persuaded us that we needed so many apps, and ways to save our information when ordering online, etc.

Now we are paying attention? We sat back for over a decade and put our fate into the internet world.

Nope, I am not worrying now. It’s much too late. Just give out the least information I can, and suffer the consequences. After all, we can’t breathe without the internet, can we? :roll_eyes:


Long been Par for Course. On BT and ALL ISP’s
One of the classic give away’s. On “Microsoft Start”.
“The clickable Astronomy Reading”.
Never mind when or were the Umbilical was cut. >> Or Position of Moon & Stars.
Its gives a good predictive rundown, on what you have recently posted elsewhere Using Your Own. Unique, Rarely used wording,
Analytically syphoned, from where recently used. On an entirely different platform.
Upside. Big Brother is Watching you. Take heed.
:rofl: All the way to my next literary masterpiece.

PS. Don’t forget to mask your puter camera. Heaven forbid, the Whole Wide World. Catches you. “Commando Rigged” :grinning:


Indeed - I was almost caught on camera in my bra in an online work meeting during Covid lockdown. Realised just in time that the camera was on.


well done on your escape. I ended up joining by accident. Once you are in there is no escape

mobile phones now have face recognition, does that involve biometric data? Hmmm best avoided eh!

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I do not worry because I am using Linux on my PC/Notebooks.
Every now and then I need to start Windows but that is in a VirtualBox environment, sometimes with network switched off for Windows.

On my phone I have e/os, nearly 100% google free.

However I understand everyone who worries, especially as MS are promoting “recall” which is a data protection nightmare.

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Worry about IT gorillas? I haven’t experienced any personal disadvantages after I let them have my personal details. However, I did have when I joined a sports club three weeks ago and was asked to give them these very details, too. Now I learn that the club wants to publish my photo and real name in its newsletter and on the website. That is a real scandal and would pierce me to the heart. So I protested and referred to our data protection law only to be told that the law didn’t apply here because club rules beat the law. They can use my data in any way they like.

I have every reason to worry about those petty princes who can decide what to do with your data without having been given permission to do so. I’m of two minds how to handle the situation…In fact, I feel a little helpless.

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“Biometric Data” makes us all sounds like robots! Many employers now use this technology because they don’t trust their employees. Its ridiculous and unnecessary.

I also read recently that facial scanning is used regularly by shops and police out and about, to try and catch criminals. They scan your face while you are going about your daily business and run the image through a database. If your face doesn’t fit (so to speak), they discard it, otherwise, if alerted, they come and question you.

Many people have been questioned by mistake because the scanning isn’t that great and your face may resemble someone they are looking for. Its all very scary and I don’t like it one bit.


The horse has bolted.

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Well the camera didn’t catch that then, eh?