Working up a head of steam

Veggies being steamed for luncheon.


This is what I call working up a head of steam.

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Expecting visitors @Fruitcake ? :grin:

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My Lovely Cousin did enough veg’ for our family of four adults for two days, plus a bit extra because our eldest came to visit.

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ah the triple vegie cooker - had one sometime here in oz - it did the job ok but people didn’t seem to like their veggies so much anymore - too much of the takeaway stuff in plastic box? but saves three separate pans on the stove heh?

I have a similar but smaller steamer that I bought in an Op shop brand new for $3 as well as a selection of other steamers. I tend to use my rice cooker as a steamer because it is quick and easy. Come to think of it I don’t think I have cooked many veggies in my steamer mostly glutinous rice, egg custards and bread and butter puddings.

Other steamers from my working past: