Women Needed Urgently

More non traditional jobs for women. Trucking companies are looking for women drivers because of a dire shortage. Women are in demand in the mining industry too. Flexible hours are being offered to allow them to deal with their children.

Whats Crocodile Dundee doing driving lorries ?? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Oh dear, you making sense didn’t last very long. Back to the usual stupidity.

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One of my helpers is a female EX HGV and Long Distance Coach Driver.

She packed it in to spend time with her young daughter, but having split from husband she does the odd weekend shift when daughter is with Dad.

She is an amazing driver and enjoys it.

Her hobbies are boxing and axe throwing, competitive at both.

She is also heavily tattooed .

Strangely enough she is in no way butch, a real feminine lady who is very caring.


I wanted to be a truck driver when I was a teenager. I didn’t think it was an impossible dream for women to do it, but life interrupted, and I didn’t get the chance. I wouldn’t do it now though, but I think it’s great (if a bit late) that finally women are being welcomed into this career with flexible hours being made for families! :+1:

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There are sometimes women on the dust carts here too, both driving the lorry, and emptying the bins.
And the ladies return the bins to the right houses better than the men to, as well!! :grinning:

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The Australian Defence Force had the same lightbulb moment some years ago when they realised they were never going to reach their manpower targets if they didn’t employ women in front line roles. On my son’s ship deployed in the Middle East about one third of the crew were female including the helicopter pilot and several officers.

Its quite refreshing to see a woman doing what we percieve as a mans job,just like seeing a man on the supermarket checkouts doing what was a womans job.
Happy days.

tell her she can care for me anytime she wants!!

My youngest son’s first “proper” job when he was at school after working at Pizza Hut was as a checkout chick for Woollies.


I’m surprised this is a thing in 2022.Lots of bus drivers around here are women and supermarket deliverers.There’s one nice blonde who is always very friendly.I know it’s just PR but I don’t mind.

I think the point is that this is a campaign to get them into the industry. You’re right many women do drive rigid vehicles like buses and small trucks but I don’t think that many have a licence to drive semis or road trains (though there have always been a few)

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We don’t have road trains here and we call Semis Artics.

We do have a growing number of Class1 female drivers.

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