Woman mauled to death by 8 dogs in Caterham

This stunned me because I was brought up very close to this beauty spot and would often go there .

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The breed of the dog must also be considered . People seem to like potentially dangerous dogs I suspect these were not lapdogs.One at least was an eleven stone Leonberger but all dogs are descended from wolves .

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One of the police statements says this; After seizing the animals, the police say none of them were from banned breads and that they included a Leonberger and two Daschunds…

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True but even dogs like collies can turn and attack when in a pack situation .
Actually dachshunds are snappy little dogs they are just small
Amazingly very dangerous dogs are inexplicably NOT on the banned list which iMO should be revised -( there are only four breeds on it )
American bull terriers , oversized Staffordshire Bulls and the huge wolf dogs breeds that people seem to like .

When you read what facts have been published it sounds like a tragic accident a set of circumstances and events that could all individually have come to “nothing” and yet put together turned into this heart-breaking outcome.

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I used to live in Buenos Aires Argentina and there it is quite common to see dog walkers with numerous dogs on the streets .

Oh I am not saying whatever the size of the dog they cannot bite especially if over stimulated/scared etc. This tragedy seems to be a set of events that ended in this terrible fatality, if one thing had changed slightly would we be discussing this at all.?

In lots of cases its people not understanding the dog breed not the dog not understanding its breed. I have walked through parks etc and come across dog walkers with leads and not a dog in sight/hearing others who pull up and let 1 or more dogs out of a vans/cars and then go sit in the passenger seat reading a paper or napping 999999 times out a 100000 nothing happens but that once sadness

I have never seen that dog walkers usually never allow the dogs off the lead for fear of losing them .

I would cross the road to avoid a Staffy type dog.
Their ancestors were bred for bull baiting a blood sport involving pitting a bull against a dog.
They have latent aggression bred into them.
In the wrong hands Staffs can become a killing machines with massive jaws , sadly imo Staffs and those great big Staffordshire bullies with docked ears often but not always attract the wrong sort of person.
Imported docked Bullies command a high price , It’s cruel and it’s only done to make them look ferocious ….as if they didn’t look scary enough already.

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In my experience it’s some of the idiot owners.
A few years back an unleashed dog took an apparent dislike to by son, bared it’s teeth and started snarling, we were essentially cornered, I moved between it and him.
Both the dog’s owners managed to grab the dog after what seemed like an age and rebuked it by repeatedly pelting it on the head and back with a tennis ball.
Some people shouldn’t be trusted to own a hampster let alone a dog!

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I have been a Staffordshire Bull Terrier person since mid 1970’s as a child when the were not common as such over the years. I have seen the public and media responses to my beloved breed and I have long been of the opinion lots of people do not deserve to share their lives with my beloved breed. .

Staffie which are sweet but strong dogs have been crossed and bred and are now much bigger .
They are really pit bulls .
Pit bulls are not so much a breed as a type .
What amazes me is that pit bulls ( who can be loyal and loving dogs ) are banned but American bulldogs which are like pit bulls but bigger and oversized staffies are not .

There are lots of dogs that are potentially dangerous all dogs are potentially dangerous to small children . I cringe when I see idiots taking pictures of their babies with dogs .

Many are imported from Europe this IMO should be stopped immediately.

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Totally agree !

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I agree these powerful breeds need responsible owners.
In the wrong hands they are dangerous .

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They should just ban the sale and import of these violent breeds. So existing owners would keep theirs but would have to prove sterilisation as part of the deal. All dogs can be aggressive but as others have said some breeds have been created by humans to be killing machines. It’s not like a chihuahua or corgi is in the same class as a pitbull.

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Poor lady, that’s awful :disappointed:

Eight dogs is an awful lot to be in charge of, a pack really

Perhaps there should be restrictions on how many one person is allowed to walk in public places?

I’ve always thought dog walkers using public parks for their business should be charged a fee

I am worried at the increase of the popularity of extremely dangerous dogs .
Some breeds like the Belgium Mallinois are extremely intelligent and are used extensively by military security . At this they are wonderful being courageous clever dogs doing a job with experienced handlers . However they are not a dog for everyone many breeds are not , and some people really should not have dogs at all .

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I commented on this earlier. This morning, I was strolling my dog down the hill, no lead required. There was a woman coming back up the hill with a pit bull on the lead. Not a happy chappy. Nor the woman. At the time I didn’t hear what she said. Later my wife translated. The woman was convinced that her dog and mine were going to get it into a a big way. Not a bit of it. “Max, let’s go” was all than it needed.

There is a little background. We trained Max to do what he should. It is not that hard.

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Me too. They are all beautiful animals and those that attack just end up with misguided or irresponsible owners who think training a dog should involve violence and cruelty. Or they just don’t know enough about keeping a dog and cannot handle such powerful breeds.

Along with banning any new imports/sales, there should be a requirement for any existing owners to have a licence and special annual training if they want to continue to keep these breeds. That would soon put all such owners under scrutiny and root out those who don’t care enough. The dog breeding business is a very murky and heartbreaking world. I get very upset thinking about it.