Windows11 pdf download

Hi, so I’ve downloaded three pdf files, I’ve found the first one in My Docs but not the other two.

I have seen them, but where are they now? It’s quite important, there are clickable links to things needing action.

In Windows 10 (maybe the same for Windows 11) there should be a file explorer icon on the task bar. Open that and you should see a Downloads folder. It should be in there.

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Thanks Graham! There was a folder/tray on the (Tool) bar top right. But no longer.

The Windows 11 download mechanism has changed - this may help:

see also:

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You set the download folder in your browser the default is the downloads folder which should show on the left in Windows Explorer.

Just look in your browser setup/settings

Windows sets up default folders at initialisation Downloads is one of them

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Thanks guys, so W11 has a download tray icon top right address bar. I clicked on it and it showed three PDFs, fine, then I closed it or it closes automatically. Five minutes later, I looked and it was gone! Panicked, and looked in Docs instead of Downloads. Where’s my PDFs!!! … of course they were in Downloads all the time.

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