Windows 11 issue

in windows 11 there is an additional program that than not only be annoying but also slowing windows down. this called Gallery under the heading “ONE DRIVE”
it gathers up all photos going back years and stores them taking up memory space.
Microsoft have not made any way to remove it,I did some research and found the only way

WARNING WARNING WARNING back up to spare dive or extrnl drive first

you have to be a bit tech computer savvy as it means getting into what is called the registry of the computer

Link one mistake and your in trouble and best left to those who knows how

I did it and removed over 3,000 photos, yet still have them all on my backup intrnl and extrnl drives. now looking at those photos on these drives shows them at least twice if not more quicker. what a difference it has made

it is like having a new computer

Windows 11, when new or after an update, wants you to

lets finish setting up your device

Just click on “Remind me later” / “Remind me in 3 days”

and you avoid lots of unwanted stuff.

or there’s a page here on how to disable it

What a pain that is, having to remind every 3 days when I only wanted to delete one program called “Gallery”.

It says 3 days but it appears once after an update.

Personally I’m not interested in any of those MS products, but of course some people are.

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I always wondered why I got the message:-
“lets finish setting up your PC” after each update d00d. I just switch off the computer and turn it on again and it doesn’t appear until the next update. Now you’ve explained it I’m glad I didn’t investigate further or click on stuff.

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