Windows 10 - How to Auto-Create Subtitles for an MKV Video?

I have a very interesting documentary video on Tutankhamun but the subtitle file that I have obtained will not synchronize with the video - it seems that the FPS is a mis-match. Apparently, there are ways and means to rectify this but all I want to do is watch (and understand) the video not spend hours editing it.

Is there a reliable video subtitle generator freely available?

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Would this kind of idea be any use to you?

Convert Video to Text | Transcribe Video (

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That’s the sort of thing but the free service is limited to a few minutes - my MKV file is 50 minutes long.

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Ah, ok, that’s not great then.

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The problem is that a “converter” may take 50 minutes to create a subtitle file which may be of no use so I’d have to try another, etc … perhaps I’d be better just watching during the day and turning the sound up or wearing headphones or even adjusting the equaliser (that’s an idea … :115:) … :smiley:

Use and MKVCleaver to separate the video and subtitles into MP4 and .srt components then find out the discrepancy between the audio and titles. there are a number of sites that will correct this for free

If the subtitle file is a .ass file convert it to .srt, again just google for free sites to do this.

Don’t click on it is not a site but the name of a piece of software

MKV is like AVI just a container for various components

Thanks for the reply but I want something more immediate/interactive - I want to watch the video not spend time editing it - I may, for example, get halfway through the video and then decide that I don’t like it so all the time spent editing will have been wasted.

Any future enjoyment of the video has already been somewhat tarnished by repeated viewings of the first 5 minutes of the video as I used VLC’s subtitle tweaks to attempt synchronisation.

Since the documentary is recent (Nov 22), it is likely that an expert, with access to a utility like Auto-Subtitle Generator (AI-powered and $80 pa) will spend time generating a fully synchronised subtitle file.

In the meantime, I may try adjusting the sound quality with the equalizer.


Those programs are point and shoot you don’t have to watch or indeed do anything except tell them where to put the output.

You could always try