Wimbledon 2017

The two weeks of tennis start today.I for one love this,sorry to those who don’t!

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Nope, not for me! I even had to switch channels this morning when Mrs Murray was being interviewed! Gah: since when did she become a star in her own right?!

Oh God no, the one fortnight of the year I absolutely dread

Snap, up there with Cricket as boredom personified. Keeps the soaps at bay mind so cant be all bad. :):):slight_smile:

Why does it have to invade every darn channel and disrupte every planned programme expect the awful eastenders?

All to watch two people grunt at a small yellow ball …:twisted:
So glad I have cable /smart tv so I can escape it.

Moan moan moan!!! :043::043:

Love it!

When it was a slower game I loved it I’ve gone off it since the grunting and really fast serves, doesn’t seem to be the gripping game it was with long volleys. But it’s only a fortnight as long as we don’t drown in the rain it often brings I’m happy it still entertains so many.

Yeah for Wimbledon, let the tennis begin as long as there is no rain and Cliff does not sing.

Cliffs the best bit, I think I found my birthday present yesterday, rolled up bottom of my husband’s wardrobe, full size picture of cliff ! I really hope it’s for me I am practising my surprised face for when he gives it to me :mrgreen:

BBC and every other word is Murray, anyone but Murray.

I like watching the tennis but the soft thud thud and July warmth usually put me to sleep :lol:

Dont forget the bucket of Pims. :slight_smile:

Not my cuppa tea at all.
I agree though about when did Judy Murray become a star in her own right.Pushy woman
Still look on the bright side there has been very little rain of late [which my garden do with sorely] so it is bound to rain in Wimbledon fortnight.

I love Wimbledon, I love tennis!

I’ll be watching it as much as possible.

A football match lasts 90 minutes and a good tennis match can last 4 - 5 hours with just a 2 minute break every few games. I would say that takes a lot more skill and stamina than kicking or running with a ball for 80 - 90 minutes;-) :smiley:

Come on Andy! :mrgreen:

It’s only on BBC isn’t it?

In the past, my big problem was that it was on at the same time as Henley Regatta :shock:

The screens at Henley only show … Regatta :cry: :cool: :cry:

Nadal’s looking very fast and strong.

Well I’m with you Rhosyn. I’ve been looking forward to it. We went a few years ago and although it was good for the experience, we would much rather watch it on TV.


When I was married I used to love Wimbledon.

The Ex was glued to the TV, the sheer bliss of it,

Two weeks peace and quiet.:mrgreen:

Oooooooo … we nearly went one year, to queue and see if we could get in.
That was before they had big screens and ‘Henman’s Hill’

I would have loved to see Bjorn playing drools and yes the overall experience would have been good.

We were all set to go and the clutch cable in the camper went :cry:

It’s ok if you are lucky enough to get tickets to one of the good matches but we got women’s doubles and were sat at the back. :cry: Plus you miss out on any commentary.

Oh yuk … women’s ping-pong :wink:

I no longer get freebie tickets for the Henley ‘posh’ enclosure.

Wimbledon on TV will suffice