Will I, Won't I...get there

Going to visit relatives, timetable is not reliable been told to check online, hourly. Am sure this is a wind up, Wednesday I know there are no services, anywhere. What a palaver! :roll_eyes: because of ASLEF / TFL strikes. Conservative Party Conference 2023 no doubt a reason.

make it another day , or go by bus

I had arranged to meet a friend in Marple, near Stockport, on 4th Oct, but there will be some sort of rail strike, don’t know the details
So I’ll be going by bus to Manchester, then Stockpot, then Marple
It will take longer but I can use my pass apart from an early to bus Manchester, it won’t hurt to pay for once

I won’t be driving so I can have a drink, and avoid the notorious bus lane scheme, and possibly other restrictions that I will only find out about the hard way.

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Have just returned from a trip with my kids to Ayers Rock (Uluru) and Kings Canyon. I was thwarted in my attempt to return via the Barkly Highway and Queensland by the bushfires at Tennant Creek and Barkly Shire which shut the highway and meant travellers had to 'rethink their necessity to travel"

In the end returned home the way I came. It’s all here:

I have no advice, but did you make it?

Afraid I would not take a train anywhere, I simply don’t trust them these days. They are usually on strike or running to no overtime ect, anyway I wouldn’t want to not be able to get back home from a trip because the workers are in a strop again. I lost my trust in them a few years back and will never use trains again.

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Got back today, managed to avoid Underground and now an official WC,(wrinkly crinkly) having received a bus pass.

A celebration birthday, yesterday and National express coach only run two services from King’s Lynn, one very early, one too late to complete journey before it gets dark. Pot luck with trains, nowadays, was just lucky.

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