Why robotic worms could one day dig beneath your feet

Scientists are trying to perfect technology based on earthworms for digging and excavation uses.

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As someone who likes to conceal electrical wiring during my many projects, especially house security, this sounds like a brilliant idea. I look forward to the day when I can pop into my local electronics outlet and purchase one of these burrowing worms for pushing cables through walls, floors and earth…


This must be an old info sheet. I had a new gas main ‘moled’ into this property during 2013 with a worm type of small ground hole boring tool doing the work without any digging. Impact Moling Specialists - Mole Group UK (moleutilities.co.uk)

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As long as they won’t be spying LOL, then they can take care of business… Dig, dig, dig!

Who is going to be in charge of all the charging? what power source will these mini excavators run on? a bit of nuclear delivered courtesy of Vlad :smiley:

There are existing digging robots. These are smaller and are attempting to use the earthworm design in a different way.