Why is Bill Gates such a bogeyman?

Yesterday I had a friend ranting on about Bill Gates .
She is a lovely person but I found it amazing that she believes all the conspiracy theories and thinks he is evil incarnate .
I don’t

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Neither do I. The answer to your question in the title is given in the article linked. Above all it’s because of a desire to come up with a simple answer when there is uncertainty and an alleged “loss of control”. A famous and rich person lends itself to it very well because that way subliminal envy and frustration can be exploited.

I don’t either

I think it’s human nature to create a bogeyman and scapegoat

And maybe there’s some jealousy of his money and success?

The thing is it’s impossible to reason with conspiracy theorists

I quite enjoy a good conspiracy theory to listen to for fun!

But some are very dangerous

I never try to reason with them, once their mind is set they don’t hear you, or logic

I think it’s because deep down they know it’s tripe but want to believe it for whatever reason so they don’t let in anything that might show they’re wrong