Why don't more Brits move to Ireland?

As Brits we can move there as our govts have an agreement, hence curious why more don’t because you can get some amazing properties there significantly cheaper but in incredible countryside!

The only thing I can think of is the weather - it’s colder/cloudier than here, and that you have to have private medical insurance.

Check this out - £300K in Ireland:

And £380/400K in Wales gets you:

Anyone ever considered it? Anyone from Ireland here? What are the living costs like?

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I’ve Irish relatives indeed I’m half Irish.
Ireland is very rural with poor job prospects.
However there’s been a big road building scheme over the last 20 years + with the help of grants from the eu . No potholes.

when I visit I think……. there’s plenty of room for illegal immigrants.
This is Southern Ireland


@Azz I might have considered in retirement with hubby but now I’ll be retiring in my beloved Scotland.

@Ripple I’ve a few very distant relatives in Northern Ireland on hubby’s side, but I know many moved to Australia or Scotland during the potato famine.

I love the area of Ireland which is portrayed in the film “Leap Year” with Amy Adams and Matthew Goode. As well as “The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns”. I can read the Celtic Runic texts too! Would love to visit again, especially the mystical places, as I’ve only done Belfast and the Giant’s causeway.

Missing the celebration of St Patrick’s Day on 17 March every year, bummer!

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I work from home so as long as I have a half decent Internet connection I should be ok :smiley:

It’s also got a decent tech industry, so I’m surprised to hear job prospects are poor (maybe in different industries?).

Aw Scotland is nice too - Wales, Ireland and Scotland are very similarly beautiful imo - I love all the mountains!

Looks like a good film, I’ll have to try and watch it one day!

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Appears to be warmer there than here this week!


From wikipedia: “Immigrant”: a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country.

I wonder what makes those people “illegal”. Am I confusing them with “asylum seakers”? Probably not because then they would not be illegal would they?

Rains all the time that’s why it’s so green


i am british from manchester moved to southern ireland over 38 year ago. i have only had 3 jobs since being here and found no problem finding work. each of my jobs lasted over 10 years company closed then another 10 years and same again company closed. been in the job i am doing now over 14 years so hopefully will see my days out here. and yes was love of a woman that brought me here as she is from ireland.


I am half Irish and have literally hundreds of family members over there. That’s Northern Ireland by the way.

Property is cheaper and as far as I can see even social housing is better than here. There is a very large number of Romanian and other east european immigrants.

When I visit, my relatives always ask if I have my umbrella!! I can’t remember the last time I used one here but you don’t go out in NI without one.It can go from pouring rain to lovely sunshine and then back to pouring rain in an hour.

If you need an op in NI but there is a shortage of hospitals offering it you will be flown to the UK to get your op here and your relative will be put up in a hotel for free. My cousin’s granddaughter had a back op and she and her parents were flown here and stayed in a hotel for 2 weeks until she recovered all on the NHS.

Belfast has the amazing Titanic Centre and a thriving technology quarter. I find shops very good wherever I go. They also have good air links.
Apart from the weather I would live in NI as they have stunning scenery and coastline.

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Unfortunately, the area of wee mountain viewed from my windows is now populated with houses, not a happy bunny about that but glad that before he died, hubby had installed the sunscreens films on windows, so privacy but starring at brown houses amongst the lovely greenery ARGH!

I’ve no need to move as the place we’d moved in is permanent home. Love it.


My husband is Irish and we spend a lot of time there and have considered retiring there

It’s a lovely country and the people feel like home but can be quite cliquey and bitchy!

Disadvantages, it can be very rural once you get out of the towns, lifestyle is quite slow, public transport isn’t great outside of the towns,

Not all healthcare is free (although I think most if if you get a UK state pension) and it’s not great. Shopping, it can be hard to get some things available here

City lover me could probably only bear to live in Dublin, and house prices here are similar to there


on a visit to an ASDA store in Northern Ireland the car park was filled with southern cars, and the tills were filled with Euros… most of the folk i met go north once a month to shop, and my mates heating was oil fired so he took a little bowser up north to fill with cheaper fuel…

Maybe one reason why no to move to Southern Ireland is being unable to pronounce the name of places

Personally I was born and bred in Yorkshire and I just love the place and the people. When I go on holiday I always look forward to coming home. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy my holiday…But I shall never leave Yorkshire to live anywhere else…By Gum!


I was born in Nazi blitzed London during WWII and the Londoner’s I once knew have long gone or dispersed to where English is still the commonly spoken language. London is so cosmopolitan now, I would feel the odd one out. West Sussex has been my home county for over 35yrs and it really does feel like home :+1:


Yes I think London is lost now LongDriver…Nowt’ wrong with West Sussex though…


Why pick on Ireland?.

Funny Irish story.

When my Mum was 85 I took her on holiday to Ireland. Loads of her family met up and we had a great time. One day I was walking with her and her two elderly sister down the main street in her home town. An elderly woman approached and said “hello” to the sisters and then “hello Mary” to my Mum. this may not sound much but they had not laid eyes on each other since they were 15, so 70 years apart! She chatted away like they were in regular contact and off she toddled! Mum said that’s just how Irish people are.

One evening the 3 sisters and I went out for a drive and we ended up near a farm where they said they used to walk to as children to get buttermilk. My cousin was driving and she said we should drive into the farmyard and take a better look. I was a bit dubious as a snarling dog appeared. A stooped old man came out to see what was going on and one Aunt said they were reminiscing about walking several miles to get buttermilk there and he said “Oh, you will be the Mcxxxxxx girls then!” He also remembered them from nearly 80 years ago.


No Muddy their grass is so green because all the Paddies are all over here walking on yours…

There is no place like home. I have been happy to stay in the area I was raised in. Had a few houses within this area but nowhere I was unfamiliar with. Been travelling a fair bit but always glad to get back to my home in the Surrey/Hants border area.

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