Why do people buy these dogs?

A the risk of offending those who own one of these poor unfortunates I want to know why people buy these dogs .
Pugs bull dogs and others that suffer so much .
Its cruelty .

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Because so many humans are ignorant followers of trends who want to be seen as ‘trendy’ themselves.

The front of camera idiots (I refuse to call them celebrities :lol:) encourage this by constantly trying to get into the headlines.

It’s 2020 very few people really want a dog, what they want is for someone to liken them to someone in the headlines who has the same type of dog. Just look at that drug addict and tax avoider who was involved with some illegal dog imporation in Australia and currently in some legal battle in the high court.

Muddy it’s a mad world we live in, I don’t like it, but I am powerless to make these imbeciles get some brains and sense, and as you say it’s these poor dogs who suffer :cry::cry::cry:

I wouldn’t have a pedigree even if I could afford it.
Dolly is a cross breed of chihuahua and shitzu, she has a pronounced lower jaw which makes her look odd. I can only imagine what her parents were like.
She needed a home urgently and is lovely.

I had two shitzus in S. Africa which were a vanity purchase by a friend, I took them over. One was blind and deaf, possibly because of breeding.

Honestly, I don’t know why anyone would buy a dog at all given that there are so many in need of homes.

That aside, I am in complete agreement with you, Muddy. I rescued a severely neglected miniature beagle years ago. He was adorable, but the cost was that he, and likely dozens like him, suffered a lifetime of hip and joint problems and pain.

If a breeder wants a pass from me, he/she would need a veterinary license with extensive coursework in genetics to prove a full understanding of the consequences of haphazard trait shaping, and fees so high that it would have to truly be a passion - and not a for-profit enterprise. (Don’t even get me started on trait culling :twisted:…)

I’ll take my motley crew of mutts any day of the week. It takes one to love one, I suppose! :lol:.

You ask “Why do people buy these dogs”?

Probably best ask them, but my guess is because they can’t be bothered to do any research about their needs and health problems first!

They probably have seen other people with them, or seen the ‘cute’ pictures the sellers of litters put up to entice buyers, so decide they must have one without having a clue about the health and limited life of the dog.
I would imagine any pet insurance would be sky high for these dogs.

The other people who want them is those unscrupulous people who just intend to breed with them, knowing what ridiculous prices they can fetch.

The poor old Bulldogs can’t usually even whelp on their own, and most have to have Caesareans. This is because the breed has huge wide heads which cannot come naturally through the mother’s fairly narrow pelvis.

I blame the KC Breed Standards set, the breed Judges who give bad, unhealthy examples nice red rosettes and prestige, and the idiots who buy on a whim without learning about the breed first.

Heart-wrenching. I had no idea. Thank you for the education on this, Mups.

I love dogs. I have had many. I can’t get started on all the ways people mistreat them - or mis breed them. LOng story short, treat them they way they deserve to be treated. Like the beautiful gift they are. They will love you and they will die protecting you if they have to.

I have never bought a dog SM I have always had rescues or other peoples cast offs.
Once a few years back I wanted a pup and having failed to get one from a shelter ( don’t ask- too many neurotic gate keepers) I put a deposit on a pup. It was never the right thing to do and I retracted ( lost the deposit) and later got my dog Mungo from a border collie rescue .
I paid £200 adoption fee for this lovely dog.
Why anyone would want a dog so deformed and suffering is beyond me.
Why we allow dogs to be imported form Eastern Europe is another question the stumps me too .
There should be IMO much greater strictures on breeding dogs .
Honestly I would like to see breeds like the pug phased out .
The bull dog in it’s present form is a travesty of the dog it once was . Today’s bulldog can barely make it to the sofa much less fight a bull.

The kennel club is a absolute disgrace for even allowing such dogs in shows.
The Dutch kennel club has already banned them.

It’s about time vets spoke out too loudly and strongly .
Although these animals must constitute a large part of their income so I supose they don’t want to shoot themselves in the foot .
As for money the prices people pay for dogs astounds me .
Where do they get the money ?
If you have that much money to throw away give it to a dog charity instead of wasting it on a poor freak that would not last a minute in nature and will have a terrible life .

I didn’t know this either Mups .
Poor things and bull dogs have such sweet natures too.
We once looked after this little bulldog .
It lived indoors and the owner always left its food sack open so it could help itself to food .
At the time I had two large dogs one a Rottweiler that would eat anything .
So I was concerned about Rosie ( the bulldogs ) food getting scoffed .
No worries even my ever hungry Rottie took a quick try at rosies ghastly Chou and left it !
Meanwhile Rosie looked on enviously at my dogs eating their liver and rice and enjoying raw bones .
So despite the fact she had terrible crooked teeth we gave her one and how she loved it .
We gave her decent food too and let her play in the garden with the other dogs.
After two weeks the owners returned .
After a few days they asked ‘what had we done with her ‘ Rosie alas was pining for us and refusing her food .
I felt so sorry .
Poor little thing.

Totally agree.

It’s because the public are blissfully ignorant of what goes on behind the scenes to produce these types of dog but the same can be said about our food. If we were more aware of how animals are treated to produce our bacon or our milk, I’m sure we would all think twice before buying it.

That is exactly why I don’t eat pork .
I will eventually give up meat altogether I think.

I think most people would if they could see what happens. :cry:

my parents always had a dog, the first one I remember was a spaniel, a beautiful friendly intelligent dog, they got it from a farm…I don’t mean a doggie farm…just an ordinary farm that had too many dogs…he was just a pup when they got him, and lived for 9 years…next one was a wee mongrel that my older brother brought home because I couldn’t stop crying when our spaniel died,he too was a lovely natured wee dog, we had him for years too, when he died my parents said they wouldn’t get another one, till one day my dad was sitting outside on the doorstep, when this little dog walked past and came and sat beside him, we found out that he belonged to a widow who couldn’t look after him and asked if we wanted to keep him, he was a wee cairn terrier, none of my parents dogs cost them any money, but they were priceless

I think there needs to be a certain price level on ‘popular dogs’ (let’s face it, what’s popular and what isn’t changes over time). If there wasn’t, then any old scum bag could get one but I do object to breeders tripling their prices and making dogs a target for thieves.

But any old scum bags get them anyway !
Having the purchase price doesn’t make people dog friendly .
Worse are the scum bags who breed and sell these poor animals.


I have just seen a so-called breeder of some Bulldogs, advertising them for £5,000 per pup!!!

She has TWO litters apparently.

Does anyone honestly think they will stop breeding these dogs while they can sell them at that price?
One puppy alone would have easily more than covered the C.Section.

Buyers will probably spend that much again on veterinary fees and insurance problems all its life.

Personally I think people should learn about the breed of dog they are thinking of getting BEFORE, they get it.
I knew all about Old English Sheepdogs as my folks used to breed them, when we got Dageus he was the first dog who hadn’t been an OES, and I read up on the “black” Golden Doodles as much as I could soak up. But then that’s just me…

On the other hand …

North Korean dictator Kim Kong-un has ordered citizens to hand over their pet dogs — so they can be killed for food.

The hermit state says pet dogs are now considered a “decadent” luxury and “a ‘tainted’ trend by bourgeois ideology,” and must be surrendered, according to a report by South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo media outlet.

From the National Post