Whom and how should I give money to someone?

I have some cash which I don’t need.

All the money in my bank is allocated to various people and organisations.

I guess I’m asking which charity/organisation I should give this money to whilst being sure that they will be responsible with it.

If the Police catch me with that money it may seem suspicious to them, but I have receipts that show where I got it from. Amount is just over £1000.

Edit: I’ve just via a phone call had it confirmed that Lothian cat rescue will happily take it.

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I accept cash or Paypal

Why would the Police be interested in how much money You have Ffosse?

If I was outside, alone very late at night and got stopped by the Police for any reason, the Police would want to know where the money had come from.

I’ve had Police in my house before who,on a different matter, wanted to know where 2 grand had come from.

There have been different occasions in my life where I didn’t trust banks, and most people paid me in cash.

Cat rescue is a good choice. Glad that is sorted.

Yeah, me too. I agonised over whom to give it to. Some people wanted it via machine or bank transfer which wasn’t really on. I wasn’t going to put it in the bank just to take it out again.

But the lady I spoke with on the phone was friendly and didn’t ask many questions. No doubt she is delighted.

I’m sure she is. I trust the small charities more than the big ones.

Can’t you just keep it safe somewhere Ffosse, or let somebody you really trust look after it? When you are well again you could probably use it for a really nice holiday somewhere.:cool:

If you were outside, alone, late at night with £1000 in your pocket you’d frankly be a bit of a fool !

Why would you want to carry it with you?

Just put is somewhere safe and secret at home.

It was hypothetical.

I’m afraid I’m not going to be well again.

Good stuff Ffosse … cats are as good a cause as any.

:cry: I’m so sorry Ffosse. I wish I could give you a realtime hug right now. I hope you can somehow keep your chin up, you are a very strong man and a real fighter, keep on lad xxxx

Thanks everyone for your well wishes. I think my best case scenario is just a few more years of procedures, hospital visits, more chemo etc.

Yes, I’ve always loved them.Good to see you posting again, keep it up.

Edit, sorry, I mistook you for another postetm

I have lost 2 Stones, though but wouldn’t recommend cancer for weight loss.

Just about any animal charity will take it Flosse
I expect the Salvation Army would too.
Ask them to come and meet you .

Cancer Research Dreamy.

I don’t think anyone can - or should - choose for you Ffosse.

It depends on which people or charities support the things you personally, love or believe in most.
Only you know that.

Oh, I’ve already chosen the rest of my charities; this was simply the last one.