Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Some dummies on millionaire tonight…:042:

Sorry, can’t stand Clarkson, Foxy, so don’t watch it.

Ha! I meant Clarkson Mups…:044:

Only joking, he comes from the other side of Doncaster originally Mups…I like the bloke and his sarcasm…:smiley:

I watched this at my mum’s tonight - what a bunch of thickos. The teacher in particular. Fancy not knowing how many inches there are in a metre. Hope he doesn’t teach maths. :smiley:

Too much ego - not enough talent!

Last night on our Millionaire two TV quiz contestants both in their late 20’s couldn’t answer this :
" A stopped clock is right once/twice/three times/four times a day.
One didn’t know and the other said four times

No one can tell the time anymore :slight_smile:

I know!

Even I knew that!! :smiley:

Jeremy almost ran out of contestants as they were all dropping like flies! :smiley:

I’m a thicko i confess that I dont know how many inches are in a metre. I never worked in metric at school and never learned it after.

I would never go on a show like millionaire coz I just know I woukd make a complete tit of myself :lol:

There was a bloke on ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ Joey Essex I think it was, and they had to teach him how to tell the time on an analogue watch because he had always had a digital one…

And what about the Sudoku question…What does a line of numbers always add up to? 1-9 Just take the middle number (5 the average) and times it by nine = 45…

Nearly has bad as watching Line Of Duty at the weekend.
I won’t even mention the SAS question. :lol:

I was waiting for one of them to say “No Comment”.

Looks like the best one was the last one.

Surely even the thickest thicko can work out there are 36 inches in a yard and a yard is almost the same as a metre, therefore the answer is 39. :shock:

Teachers often do badly on quiz shows. I can only guess it is because they specialise in one subject so they ignore the rest.

I didnt know a yard was almost the same as a metre , yep I’m one of the thickest thickos :mrgreen:

Mind you I know now, thanks for the lesson :-p

Yep, but, to be pedantic about it, the more accurate answer is 39.37" :lol:

Didn’t watch WWTBAM last night 'cos I thought it was a repeat.

You’re welcome. Please send me a wad of cash. :-p

Aren’t the ones being shown lately, repeats?
I love Jeremy Clarkson! He’s makes me laugh!

Ah yes Longfellow, I forgot about that one…:009:

That’s common amongst quite a few youngsters. One of my nephews can’t tell the time using my mum’s clock on the mantle piece. :smiley: