Who misses the nostalgia of the "Real" Sci Fi Movies of the 50's/60's?

Those were the days.
The Day the Earth Stood Still
Invaders from Mars
War of the Worlds
Planet of the Vampires
My Favourite The Angry Red Planet


And Forbidden Planet ,The Day the Earth Caught Fire


I miss them :unamused:
When I see a current SciFi-movies trailer I think. “Ok, I have seen it now, next”.
as "The Critical Drinker " (film critic on youtube) says: “Current movies are made for children, by children”.


BTW: what about “Man From Earth”?

Don’t forget the Quatermass movies too:

The Quatermass experiment

Quatermass And The Pit

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My favourite sc-fi old film of all time is the thing from another world, it’s in black and white and I never tire of watching it

If anybody wants to laugh about German SciFi, then look at eposide 1 of this: (from the 60s)

My favourite is The Day the Earth Stood Still, who can forget Klaatu?

BTW a lot of these 1950s movies are available in full on Youtube, presumably the copyright has run out

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Have you seen Fritz Langs “Metropolis” from the 1920s?
I have. Amazing what was possible (and what the makers of the movie could imagine) 100 years ago!

I saw this recently. Made on a tight budget, shaky sets, corny costumes, wobbly electronic music…
But still a thousand times better than the remake with Keanu Reeves.

I loved the Quatermass films. I remember seeing The Pit when I was quite young and it scared the :poop: out of me. Didn’t like Brian Donlevy in the role of the earlier films, should have got someone else to play the part.

I think that’s up on youtube and available to watch.

I bought the DVD some years ago…

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Ah, even better!

I think the scariest Quatermasses were the ones on TV.

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When Worlds Collide
War Of The Worlds (1953 version)
This Island Earth
Crack In The World
Forbidden Planet
The Time Machine
Village Of The Damned
The Fly

Loads of others I could name, all classic stuff. Don’t make them like they used to, just all special effects these days.

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The Fly scared me to death … real creepy.


I must admit I tend to agree with you. I watched them at my gran’s as she was the only person I knew with a TV at the time - rented in those days of course.

It was where I watched A for Andromeda which introduced the gorgeous Julie Christie to the world. A series lost to the world, unfortunately only snippets remain.


Not at all. Apart from the comedy aspect. Ok as kids we were fooled easily but looking back at those old movies you realise how technology has changed. Sometimes you can’t even see the join.

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Beautiful to watch, visually stunning!


Gotta be in the right frame of mind to watch it though, mellow and laid back…


Some great ones already posted, i’ll add The Incredible Shrinking Man, 1957 Film, made me aware of going anywhere when it was misty!

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