Who Manages The Family?

Back in the day, I used to manage everything financial, the Bank accounts, paying the Household Bills, Gas, Electric, etc.

Anita used to Manage the family. Not just our own kids (and me!), getting them to school, making sure the house was kept habitable, keeping close contact with Uncles, Aunts, Grand-Parents, everyone.

Any car fixing, down to me, any clothes fixing , Anita (expert at knitting & making kid’s clothes).

Gardening, both of us.

Painting & decorating - whomsoever thought it needed attention.

The Cooking she delighted in. (I’m glad to say), so my contribution was dining out, etc.

How about you?


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I have managed everything from my 30s, I’m divorced…it must be nice to share the load…my youngest son helps me a lot now with my finances, plus he gives me an allowance.

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Have taken care of myself - cooking, cleaning, laundry, health etc., since I was 12yrs old. Think I have the hang of it now!

Wow!, that’s very young to have to take on all the responsibilities, ST.

Hope you managed to find some enjoyment along the way!


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LOL - I survived! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger they say. My parents were just not interested in any of us.


My wife is the boss. Then the dog. Then me…



I see that the dog got the place in your Avatar!


I’m surprised social services didn’t step in if that was the case?

You ran
a home from the age of 12?

Social services don’t even step in now, never mind back then! if you are seen to be coping, they let you get on with it. Even direct you to a young carers (if you have to care for an older relative) club so you can have a break.

Sorry, I don’t agree, I’ve been a carer and seen how they care first hand, in this part of the country anyway…I’ve worked under them, with different clients, they made darn sure their needs were met.

hubby worked 12 hour shifts, I looked after the children , housework, paying bills etc
I liked decorating,so I did any painting and papering when it was needed, until the children grew up, then I went to work part time so that I was home for them coming back from school

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Yes, that’s The Hierarchy…


John sees to anything to do with the car. We share housework but if im honest he does more than me as he is now retired and i work and my dads carer. We share most things and never row over chores, cooking, shopping etc.

John also is more savvy with the computer and telly so I always tend to turn to him if either throws a wobbly. I could do it myself but im lazy and rather him sort it.

All in all we have a good balance but I know should anything happen to the other we would both manage ok,

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^===== Do it yourself

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There’s just little ol’ me so little ol’ me manages everything that’s needed. I please myself when and if it’s done, if it’s not then it’s not and there’s nobody to nag me into doing otherwise – a peaceful life is what I have. :grinning:


There is only one boss in this family! ME, when I am allowed that is by “er indoors”

Same here, except we don’t have a dog :grin:

As for working on our car, I gave up on that malarky after buying our first brand new car (Renault 5 Limited). I took one look under the bonnet and promptly hung up my spanners. Now I confine myself to keeping the tyres inflated properly and topping up the screen washer bottle and oil.

Same for me, Percy.

There was a time when I could change a bulb, fix the tyres, even take a cylinder head off.

Now, the things are so complex that I can’t do anything except steer it in a straight line!