Who am i pics quiz 9

Guess the famous person from the pics in each box




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  1. Pierce Brosnan
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  1. salma hayek
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7 - Taron Egerton

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  1. Rosemary Eggleton
  1. Brie Larson
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  1. Missy Elliott
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I thought that myself, but where does the Larson come into it? :thinking:

1 - Pewdiepie

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I love these soft of picture puzzles, but I almost never take part in them because the pictures are just so flipping small! Can they not be made bigger before posting? I really struggle to make out some of the images, so I just give up :102:

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I open the pics in another tab and use the zoom/magnify system (Ctrl used with + and - keys) to enlarge them as I’m the same as you - can’t make out the details properly.

Oh now there’s an idea! Thanks.

1 - Michael Jordan

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is the bottom pic from her marvel comics charactor


I didn’t even know her second name, but I knew there was an actress called Brie something. Googled. Then I tried to make sense of the bottom pic … looks like an arsonist representation.

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  1. Steven Seagal
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1 Pewdiepie
2. Missy Elliott
4. Pierce Brosnan
5. Steven Seagal
6. Brie Larson
7 - Taron Egerton
9. Michael Jordan
10 salma hayek

ok will try to help with clues for the remaining ones

3 top pic lemon ? bottom pic map of the ?
8 top pic apple is rotten so its ? bottom pic young rabbit is a ?

  1. Juice Wrld (American Rapper)
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  1. Bad Kitty. (books by Nick Bruel)

sorry is wrong a young rabbit known as a ? not kitty