Which country to choose to visit

If there was just one country you would love to visit you have not been to before I wonder where that would be? For me I would dearly love to visit Australia if finances allowed and time of course. Not just the “tourist” spots but get a feel for the real Australia and what it is about. I dso have a cousin living in Sydney I have not seen since i was a kid if she is still alive and her family but also internet “friends” to meet up with.

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I’ve been to Canada, East Coast mostly. USA sparingly.

Haven’t done as much as I wanted from England, just London twice, Liverpool Merseyside the Beatles, of course

Glasgow and Edinburgh often lost count lol!

It’s more many places I won’t go due to wars on and off, certain reptiles, yuck and the reputation of some places.

Now with the damn Covid, any international travel is off the menu and without hubby not much fun to visit foreign lands aka lack of protection.

So, nowadays I travel via my armchair watching the travel videos on YouTube. This guy’s funny with his dos and donts


For quite a while I have wanted to go to Vietnam, Hạ Long Bay is the iconic draw. The other country is Sri Lanka. I’d love to visit one day. To be honest I have stopped being so excited about travel and holidays abroad, what with all the political instability, high air fares and carbon footprint guilt. It’s all changed since the pandemic. It just seems such a palaver these days. Those poor people who were stranded when the pandemic hit keep haunting me. I couldn’t cope mentally with such a situation.

Berlin.I like all the European capitals and cities but never got the chance to visit.It didn’t seem like a good idea at the time.


I’ve enjoyed several holidays in Cuba but it’s long haul hmmm no.
I think I’ll stay closer to home Portugal and hire a boat to cruise the Douro river .
it’s my favourite river cruise with interesting river banks with plenty of stop off points to explore.

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I would like to go to Japan

Theirs is a completely different culture and way of thinking about things and their way of life and arts and traditions fascinate me

And it looks like a very beautiful country with it’s mountains, temples and cherry blossom

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My choice would be Australia but I doubt that I will get there now - should have done it when I was younger!

been to Japan and not over impressed, CHina is for me more interesting

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i too would have loved Australia, but it is way too far
i had a good friend there who wanted to pay for my flights
but the distance was way too far, i could have flown to India for a few months then on to Aus but i never considered it till it was too late
i have lots of relatives who paid the ten pounds but all pre-intenet sadly, and sadly they will mostly have passed… if i went i was going to get a few t-shirts printed with the old family name Lockhart… and Hamilton printed on them, i reckon i might get a few takes…

@realspeed For me it would have to be Israel, but not until those with the power start displaying some common sense and start talking peace instead of threats and armaments all the time.

Never been there .

Italy, traveling around at leisure from north to south and finishing up in Sicily.

There are the catacombs in Palermo, not the most joyous and uplifting way to conclude but a must to visit regardless.


Been to Berlin

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