When somebody Hurts you..friends

I got hurt very recently and I do react very badly…I just fly off the handle at close friends,…just sometimes…most people I know I do not have any issues with…just very close ones…
Just in that hole right now…dig out or just move on?

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Maybe just try and talk it out…

If I was your close friend & you had a tendency to fly off the handle with me - sorry Dianne but I wouldn’t put up with it. You wouldn’t be my close friend for very long!

However - if I had been the close friend that hurt you, then you would be justified to fly off the handle & I hope we would sort it out…

no I don’t fly off the handle as a norm…it is only when somebody close, floors me, instead of being caring like they usually are…

Serves them right then.

Leave it a few days - things will seem better then.:slight_smile:

I never fly off the handle in such situations, just withdraw instead. Just give it a few days (or weeks!) away from them. Life is too short for toxic friendships.

I feel exactly the same. Close relationships need patience, compassion and understanding. Respecting boundaries is a must in building trust.

Get a dog they are more tactful and never take umbrage .

Solid friendships usually withstand such tests, so I wouldn’t get too upset about it Dianne. :slight_smile:

Very true. :wink:

Especially a Longdog!! :-):-):slight_smile:

You reacted very badly to being hurt, I think quite a few of us have done that at times.

Now, if I was to do that constantly, I wouldn’t expect people to be sympathetic or understanding of my behaviour, I would take responsibility and not offload it on to my friend, I would look inwardly also if it was consistently bad, I would probably seek professional counselling, there are underlying issues associated with blowing ones fuse, also trigger points that start everything in motion, before anyone can do the above, They first need to admit they have a problem and not blame others for the outburst…imo.

I would try not to think of my own feeling but why my friend reacted out of character and what might be troubling them.

Then I would say to the friend that I was surprised when they 'saidsuchandsuch ’ and was anything bothering them and was it something I had done or said.

I don’t have ‘proper friends’ these days just casuals I can’t be doing with the hassle. I lost my best friend when her marriage broke up and she disappeared with another man it was like a bereavement :frowning: .

Hasn’t happened to us for years. Last time, over ten years past, I just got even.


I’m a great believer of knowing where you stand.

If somebody did the dirty on me I wouldn’t be offended, I’m too world weary for that, I would just cut them dead…like forever, despite what they might say in the future.

If I saw them on fire, I would simply walk the other way.

Well I’m not going to be the one to give the response that statement is begging for. :expressionless:

Taken out of context…will say no more on the matter.

Makes note in diary —

Every situation is different.

The people involved may be different, the cause of the argument different and how you are feeling at the time even, so I don’t see how anyone can pre-judge what they would say and do with any accuracy.