When no make up beats Clinique

I love Clinique make up. I keep going back to Boots N07 as its cheaper and still good but it doesn’t last the day like Clinique does.

The foundation I like is £28, eyeliner around £17 and lipstick around £18. I do use cheaper mascara and blusher though.

Thing is I also like decent skin care (Liz Earle) and salon hair products. Can I justify in buying all this or should I stick to Clinique make up and use cheaper other products. What do you do in this situation?

I think most people use what they like and what works best for them, irrelevant of the cost.

I might sometimes be vain but not vain enough to spend ridiculous money on cosmetics.

I once spent a lot of money on an Estée Lauder mascara because everyone raved about it. I wasn’t impressed and felt l had paid for an inferior product that was packaged in an impressive casing.

I do spend money on quality salon hair products but that’s because l have a Trade card and l know what’s good.

Jill … you sound like a market researcher.
Your threads sound like you’re gathering content to write articles for women’s magazines.

I’m only kidding. :lol:

Well, each to their own!

You like Clinique

My partner won’t have anything other Clinique either,

whereas my daughter had me buy her a couple of Charlotte Tilbury products for her birthday…That was a 3 figure sum!

But she’s worth it !

Cor I just googled that … it ain’t cheap is it Moscow.

Cyclax Aloe Vera is good stuff and only a quid at the bargain shop.

I did a thread similar to this not long ago. I love Clinique and I was asking what other foundation that was cheaper than Clinique could people recommend. I tried a cheaper one but I have to say it comes nowhere near Clinique so I am going to buy some regardless of the cost. I was being tight lol. At the end of the day, yes, it’s expensive but I only need a small amount so lasts ages.

I think its worth paying that bit more for something you really like. So my answer would be yes, stick with the lovely Clinique. Oh, and have you tried Clinique Aromatic Elixir Body Cream, ohhhhhhhhhh the smell is divine on the body.

I think women should concentrate more on the canvas they are putting these expensive foundation products on.

If you have good skin underneath, you don’t need ridiculously expensive foundation on the top.

Strict cleansing and nourishing is the key.

I have never ever spent money on face products. I have never had the money to do so . I will use a moisturiser that I buy or am given as a gift for birthdays or Christmas . I dont buy nasty cheap but I will go to superdrug and find good affordable products.

My skin is good I believe its down to genes.

I meet many women who say I should buy this product or that product but if you look at the ingredients it often begins with aqua ( water)

Ha Ha…

I’m more yer bargain shop or Holland and Barrett type of guy.

I don’t know where I went wrong with my eldest!!

In fairness she did admit it was a special treat for her!

With regard to Aloe Vera, as someone who gets dermatitis on my hands on occasion the ‘Aloe+Lanzorote’ AloeVera brand is the best Aloe Vera brand by far!