When I dabbled with animation

I got fed up with it; it’s very time consuming, even to produce something quite crude. So I only stuck with it until I managed to make something quite crude.


You’re really very talented Harbal. I enjoyed the background music.

Very ‘interesting’ use of shapes

Oh yes, Minx, there is more to me than meets the eye. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yep, it’s like peeling an :onion:


But without the tears, I hope.

Jury’s still out…

That’s fine; I’m in no rush for a verdict.

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Well that was quite joyful really! Well done :clap:

I bet you haven’t seen anything like that before, Pixie. :icon_wink:

This video has had 52 views in 4 years, btw. I should have put a rhino in it. :angry:

Very clever and competent, I used to do animated titles a very long time ago with my old standard 8 film movie camera. This was back in the 1960s/70s when I was keen on such stuff and owned quite a nice Bell & Howell turret camera.

Decades later I made one rather crude attempt at an animated film using my digital still camera using the same technique. Being as thick as a brick I took two shots/frames for each action as I used to with the movie camera. It was only when I got the images onto the computer that I realised that I could just use the one picture twice before I also realised that with digital even that wasn’t necessary - Doh!.

Bugger it - here it is. My first and only attempt at animation using a digital camera. Notice my deliberate mistakes. :wink:


There was no camera involved in my animation, Bruce, everything is computer generated.

Or a Bike :biking_man:

Sorry, I didn’t realise that.

Very clever Harbal! Well done. :001: Can you give a bit of background on how it was made?

@Harbal An interesting and inventive piece of work Harbal :slightly_smiling_face:
Not unexpected, few things you do would surprise me :icon_neutral:

I did it with an animation programme called Blender. It’s free software and you can just download it from their site. Although my attempts are relatively basic, the softwars is capable of producing very sophisticated animation. There is one particular video somewhere on Youtube that is very impressive. I’ll try to find it.

There are various tools for creating and shaping objects, and applying texture and colour to them. The animation is done by plotting the movement of the objects on a time line. The cucumber like objects at the end of the video were the most complicated part of the process. They needed what are described as “bones” inside them. The bones form an articulated skeleton which the object is then programmed to follow as they move. It’s very time consuming, even to creat something quite simple. I found that unless I was using the programme regularly, I would forget how to use many of the functions. It was fun, but just too demanding when there are other things you want to do.

I am going to take that as a challenge to surprise you, Meg. :slightly_smiling_face:

@Harbal Please don’t Harbal, not sure I could cope with some of the things within your capabilities :laughing: I might need smelling salts and have none in the house…