What's your background wallpaper on your phone?

What’s your background wallpaper on your Home Screen on your phone? :upside_down_face:

That is a lovely picture on your phone.

The only thing I could do with mine is, paste the back with “ wallpaper” :joy::rofl:

Here’s mine.

I’m hoping my son will buy me a nice modern phone soon, I keep dropping hints.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


My Cat, Coco


super image @Azz

My phone has got different abstract images, courtesy of Samsung.


That a lovely sunset photo, Azz.
I like using a photo that reminds me of a happy time for my screen Wallpaper.

The Wallpaper pic I have on my phone was taken from the cockpit of our sailing boat - it’s a view I have seen often, of the sun shining through the foresail, casting all the rigging into dark relief and lighting up the fluttering Greek flag when we are sailing in Greek waters, plus the personal joking rivalry of my White Rose of Yorkshire and my lovely fella’s Red Rose of Lancashire.
The Wars of the Roses is not entirely over - every so often, there is a little skirmish when some “naughty gremlin” switches the position of those flags so that the House of York takes up rightful precedence again over the House of Lancaster! :wink:

This pic isn’t the best technically but it holds many happy memories - I took it in 2019 and added it to my phone in 2020 to keep me going through Covid and not being able to go sailing for a couple of years.
Brexit has made us decide to sell the boat now and we have just signed the sale agreement, :disappointed_relieved: so I’ll be keeping this wallpaper pic for a while to remember all those happy long Summers of sailing around the Greek Islands.



This is mine…its a photo of some oil and water bubbles when I was in my Macro photography mood. I love how bright and summery it looks :blush:


Mine is a photo of my granddaughter, so I won’t post it on here!! I change it regularly - the latest is from about 3 weeks ago when we took her to the Cornish Maize Maze. It’s a pic of her smiling happily with a bag of animal food in her hand so she could feed the alpacas, sheep, goats, cows, donkeys. The maize became an ‘also ran’ on that day out, animals definitely got top billing!


This Buzzard was on our back gate at the kennels. now my computer screen back ground.


My dogs but now you mention it I haven’t seen my phone for a couple of days so I need to search it out again.


Mine is set on a rolling loop, It goes through all my photos and I never know which one will come up. :ok_hand:

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My Cat.

My faithful hound who I lost in lockdown :pensive:


I’ve deployed Sunflowers from the menu available.

My dear departed mum.

My little fella


The Horsehead Nebula:

The one that came with the phone. It’s a horrid orange background. I tried changing it, at least to another color, even if it was a preset one. It kept asking me for permissions I refused to give. The horrid orange background is all it would allow me to do. I try not to notice it.

So sweet

Mine is a photo of my mum and dad