What's the last nice thing someone has done for you?

I’m sure there are other things but the last time someone really made a memorable gesture of kindness was when a neighbor left me their number in case I needed help during COVID.

Ironically, two neighbors with the same name left me their numbers at roughly the same time. One was genuine. The other was not.

What was the last nice thing someone has done for you?

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My walking friend brought me a cover for my iPhone :grin:


Daughter bought me flowers…not for any reason just because I’m her mum…also a pal brought me some of her home made jam


there was a lot of neighbourliness during the first few months of covid. I’ve still got a collection of sweet hand-written notes that were put through my door.


Ernie paid me a substantial sum and it’s already in my bank account​:clap::+1::grin:


My Step granddaughter made me a lovely picture just yesterday.
She went on and on to her dad to bring her over to give it to me,and what made it more special was it was the first time she called me nan,i was so choked up.


There’s a lot of nice neighbourliness where I live.

If my neighbours know I’m away, they put my bins out on collection day and put them away again. They water my outdoor pot plants if they need it.
I do the same for them if they are away.
We have all exchanged phone numbers and will check up on neighbours, either by texting, phoning or calling at the house if we haven’t seen them around or if we know they are going through a difficult time.

Recently, my veg pots have produced more courgettes, cucumbers and tomatoes than I need for myself, so I’ve been giving them away to neighbours.
Whatever they can’t use, I put in a box on my garden wall with a note inviting passers-by to help themselves. My neighbours do the same as me, so between us all, it’s like a greengrocer’s aisle along our little cul-de-sac!

We get quite a lot of people using our road as a short cut to a popular dog-walking route and whatever fruit or veg I leave out soon gets picked up.
What really touches me is that the passers-by who take the free produce will often post thank you notes through my door or leave me small gifts to say “thank you” next time they pass by.
I don’t know these people but they obviously have the same sense of neighbourliness as my immediate neighbours have.
This last couple of weeks, I have received three “thank you” notes through my letterbox and gifts left on my doorstep have been : a pot of home-made gooseberry jam, a pot of home-made chutney, a pot of marjoram seedlings and a small box of chocolates.
I don’t expect any recompense - it’s more about not wasting food and giving surplus produce to anyone who wants it - but it is heart-warming when folk appreciate it and want to share something with you too.
There’s lots of good people around - focusing on them helps to dispel the doom and gloom which the media keep bombarding us with.


Love that Boot, it just goes to show that one good deed can spread throughout the community. Well done, you’ve inspired me. :clap:

How lovely Boot.
Sometimes people put apples out for people to take .
Nothing I grow these days even makes it to my table but I do provide free subsistence for a whole community of slugs and snails !

One of our neighbours brought round some runner beans from their garden today .
They were delicious .