What's the funnest time you have ever had?

Crayfish and Abalone fishing were the best times for me. So many years ago now.
More funner than what I do today, nearing my dotage.


Selling political literature in the street.I wasn’t on my own,there were two of us.Lots of verbal abuse,nothing physical,and some friendly chats.Got to know the coppers who were always very laid back.I wouldn’t do it now though.

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Being near water is always fun for me. Whether its a beach or a waterfall, it always delights me and makes me feel like a kid, heh!


I have far to many to share,but one was getting my heel stuck in a drain,myself and a friend were in hysterics,as were an old couple who were sat on a bench.

Estartit Espanya on a camping site with great facilities and attracts a lot of people…Two Pools Restaurant Disco’s etc.on an evening… way up the hill next to the bigger Swim Pool.
One afternoon a few others started singing their local songs I guess and the people just came over and joined in…ok Vino flowed but it just added to the confusion of singing maybe the wrong words or just plain out of tune…guilty of that one…


very happy sunny afternoon…The Kinks!

Just spotted my oldest son there…last pic. left laddie at the front baseline.