What's in your trail mix?

Trail mix is usually a blend of nuts, seeds and dried fruit that some people take on hikes or camping.

People add all kinds of things to trail mix like breakfast cereal, popcorn, candy, chocolate chips, pretzels, and lots more.

I eat trail mix regularly, sometimes for breakfast. My trail mix usually has cashews, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, Total cereal, shredded wheat, dried cranberries, dried cherries, sometimes pecans but no almonds.

What’s in your trail mix?

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Not something I have ever tried - but it sounds delicious!

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Sounds like something to have with a beer.

We like to add these:

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I am always grazing on some type of seed,
Chia Shaker, I put over my salad.

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Here’s a pic of some almonds I skinned & roasted (tossed in pan): delish.

I like warming pumpkin seeds in the pan too.

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It is what you eat the evening before a long walk that matters most, not what you eat on the day, as digestion takes around 6-8 hours. Carbs are needed, early evening the day before to keep your energy levels up. Grains are better than nuts & low fat protein, such as chicken or fish & add some bulk with starchy vegetables.

When I was long distance walking, I just used good food & topped that up during the day with glucose tablets if needed. But if walking much over 50 miles in any one day, then I ditched the glucose & left it to the food.

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Here are some pictures of homemade trail mix. You can buy it packaged from the store, but then you’d have to like everything in it.

veggie balance blog she calls it healthy banana split trail mix. this looks good. I might have to try this. Other common ingredients are coconut strips and dried mango for a more tropical flavor

chelsea messy apron these are some standard trail mixes. M&Ms and chocolate chips are common in trail mix