What's in your best bowl of ramen?

I’m watching another David Chang video. This one is on ramen. He’s traveling all over the world to find the best bowl of ramen.

What’s in your best bowl of ramen? Does it have an egg in it? Stirred in or sunny side up over the top or soft boiled? What kind of meat? Does it have green onion/scallions? Does it have chili sauce or chilies in it? What kind of broth - vegetable or beef broth?




We are really lucky because there are three really good Japanese restaurants in the seaside town not far from us

My favourite ramen is Chashu

It’s braised pork belly, black mushrooms , spring onions, seaweed and sesame oil served on wheat ramen noodles with a sake miso broth and garnished with Aijitsu Tamago eggs, Narutomaki, (thin slices of fishcakes roll which I never think tasted of much but looks pretty!) and crispy Nori

It looks a bit like this one but that’s not my photo or our restaurant, just a stock one from elsewhere