What's happened to roll on deodorants?

I recently bought a Mitchum deodorant and was surprised to find it wasn’t the roll on I was used to but a push up type - the consistency of candle wax.

Have they stopped doing the roll on type does anybody know?

Not sure about Mitchum deodorants but ive bought roll ons in the past and have also seen them for sale in chemists too. I hate those push up stick type ones.

Hi Carol, they still do Sure in roll-on deodorants as I have one.

I buy “rollon” deo. Think they are more effective TBH

Me too. I buy mine from Savers.

Not here - shelves of them in the supermarket for men and women.

I buy Mitchum roll on deodorant and there is no shortage of it here.

Oh! I guess I must have picked the wrong one up by mistake then. I didn’t even know they did the push up kind!!

I use Mum & those are roll on’s & glass too.

I get this one out of Poundland. It’s simple and cheap, a bit like myself!!:surprised::surprised::surprised:

Being a delicate little soul I always use Bionson mineral protective roll on deodorant which is aluminium free. As others have said roll ons are still the best:-D

Same here Susie. Just bought a new one last week.

I won’t use sprays as they are too easily sprayed onto breast tissue. Roll-on’s go just where you want them too.