Whatever next, this is beyond ridiculous!

Is nobody allowed to do or say anything or advertise a product without someone jumping on some bandwagon or other?

"Snickers in Spain has removed an advertisement and apologized for a “misunderstanding” after the film was branded homophobic.

The video shows Spanish influencer Aless Gibaja ordering “a sexy orange juice with vitamins A, B and C: hugs, kisses and caresses” at a beach bar, while a friend exchanges bewildered looks with their waiter.

Instead of the fruit drink, the waiter offers a Snickers ice-cream bar and, after a bite, Gibaja is transformed into a bearded man with a deep voice.

Asked by the friend whether he feels better, the man replies: “Better,” before the Snickers slogan “you’re not you when you’re hungry” flashes on the screen."

Would this have brought comments from another area had the person been a woman? Had some kind of animal been shown would that have brought comments from animal lovers?

I just cannot work out what this is all about any more. I wonder, how many of you feel the same?

I haven’t seen the advert (and now never will) but I am confused by most of the Snicker ads when they say “You aren’t you when you are hungry” anyway. :icon_confused: Its a bar of nutty chocolate, just eat it and be done with it, please, advertisers! :angry: :chocolate_bar:

Still Marathon to me, with or without added homophobia. It’s all nuts.

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@PixieKnuckles If you wish to see the advert go to the link and to the beginning of the second paragraph in the news article where you will find the word ‘video’, click on that and you will be taken to a Twitter video. It’s in Spanish but you can see the advert. :grinning:

Yes, all nuts :smirk: and from information I found the name Marathon is to be reintroduced as from 10 August in some stores, Morrisons was mentioned I recall. :grinning: :grinning:

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Well it sounds like a rubbish advert, anyway.

Rubbish as maybe, that’s down to the viewer. What doesn’t change though is the fact we are being told what we can say and what we cannot. Whether that be in an advert as the advertiser is being told that cannot be shown or allowed in other areas where these ‘do-gooders’ seem to prevail and manage to have their opinions upheld. I don’t believe they are the majority of people either. :frowning_face:

If I knew exactly what they don’t want me to say, I would say it, just to make a point on principle. I am fearless when it comes to saying things people don’t want me to say. Just ask me not to say something if you don’t believe me. :sunglasses:

Yes, there’s also a ridiculous advert on Youtube that we have to sit through, about Dreamies for cats (Its a cat treat) but they support the LGBT community and the advert is full of rainbows and Pride things. Baffles me no end…cats don’t care who you share your life with, and neither do I! Just give the cat a biscuit and be done.

Personally I’m amused that such OTT wokeism has spread so far and wide as to affect Spanish choccy ad’s. :rofl:
It’s only a matter of time before common sense prevails IMHO, and from what I can see the beginnings of a revolt against such nonsense has already started.
Hurrah say I.

Yes, it’s all getting ridiculous. It’s no wonder that some youngsters don’t know who or what they are, so they get into all kinds of problems due to that! :worried:

Not before time either. The world seems to have gone mad in so many ways! :frowning_face:

Abso-bloody-lutely. I love 'em.

The world has become too sensitive in the area of minority groups. Everything has to be PC. To use a couple of examples, it’s what George Carlin called softening the language.
Back when I was growing up black people were called black, then it changed, African American, then it changed Person of Color (I’m not sure what that even means.) Same for gay people, we went from fag (a derogatory term) to several others then to People with Gender Identity Issues.
What I’m getting at is that no matter how much we change to accommodate there are always going to be those who find something or someone offensive.
Seems to me that if you want to be treated equally and I mean really equally, quit pointing out your freaking differences.
Whole thing is very confusing as people search for an identity that fits, rather than becoming comfortable with the identity they were given.

This reminded me of a picture I received today:


That won’t do!! Not only are there only 2 choices. I can either be a black man or a white women. Who thought up this insensitive ad!! Deplorable!

This reminded me of a picture I received today:

That’s so funny

I love it!

Though Amazon & me ain’t on the best of terms at the mo. since they’ve not delivered an order I made a week ago.
In fact they haven’t even dispatched it from their warehouse yet - and it is and has been in stock too.