What we are eating?

I thought this video was interesting. I haven’t researched any of the claims -I wouldn’t know where to start- but it all sounds plausible enough.


Tip of the Iceberg Harbie…

ok if you have your own Bees…and
It will come as no surprise that Kraft singles, Cheez Whiz, and Velveeta evolved from cheese but are more a product of science than nature. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), these products are known as pasteurized processed cheese spread or product. For better or worse, these neon-orange foods are made with scraps of old cheese that are ground up and then mixed with an emulsifier to help it melt. Our grilled cheese sandwiches and Philly cheesesteaks just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Also known as imitation crab or crab stick, Krab is best known for being one of the primary ingredients in a California sushi roll. But there’s nothing crabby about it (and in fact, it can’t be labeled as crab stick in some places for that reason). Krab is actually a mixture of finely ground whitefish and other fillers like wheat, egg white, and transglutaminase (i.e. meat glue). A little artificial crab flavoring and red food dye give it a mildly believable crab look and taste.


Soylent Green!

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