What Type Of Bedding

Do you have on your bed and do you have any accessories like cushions or bears/ dolls ,from when you were a child?

I have a mattress protector.
A fitted sheet.
A double flat sheet.
A double duvet a duvet cover and matching pillow slips.
Oh…I forgot to mention two pink cushions…:heartpulse:


An unusual situation for me.

I have a fully adjustable electric hospital bed, all sorts of positions.

It doubles as a sofa during the day, I am typing this whilst sitting on it.

It comes with the most complicated mattress I have ever seen, encased in a fully waterproof, zipped mattress case.

This needs to be turned weekly

On top of the mattress is a special fitted sheet, it is very deep, so as to accommodate all the positions the bed can get into.

On top of that is a duvet in a cover, with matching pillow cases.

For daytime use it converts into a four seater sofa, level and height adjustable in a very acceptable design, cream pillars and base and light oak headboards, one at either end.

It is a very ingenious design, it splits into two and folds up, very easy to move.

For daytime use it has a throw on top and 8 cushions the same as those on the other 2 sofas.

I am very happy with it.

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We have:

Fitted sheet, Flat Sheet, pillows with cases, bedspread with pillow shams, Identical twin doll of our Cat Coco on one pillow and Micky Mouse on the other pillow and a Steiff Fox, then you might find our Cat Coco laying across the bred.

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Fitted sheet, duvet, two pillows, no accessories.

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I have
a double bed with a wool blanket on top of the mattress, and a single cotton sheet on top of that
a double down filled duvet with polycotton cover that I change now & again
a single synthetic pillow with a polycotton pillow slip that serves as a liner, and a cotton pillow slip on top
the cotton sheets & pillow slips have been in the family for years

No extra covers, throws, cushions of any kind
In winter I sometimes use a top sheet, a wool blanket, then the duvet, but more likely I’ll wear warm clothes - fleece jogging bottoms, wool socks, fleece jersey

I can just about remember that when I was a toddler I had big Teddy, Little Teddy, and Larry the Lamb, but they went years ago

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We have

Orthopaedic bed with orthopaedic mattress with double fitted cotton sheet,
Two pillows and pillow cases
Double flat sheet
A king size duvet and duvet cover.

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I always use a quilted cotton mattress cover and a fitted cotton sheet, usually white, on my double bed. I put my pillows in quilted cotton pillow protectors and usually use white cotton pillowcases - sometimes I use duck egg blue, which blends with the pattern of my curtains.

I’m just betwixt and between Summer and Winter, so I haven’t put a duvet on yet. In Summer, I use an empty white cotton duvet cover instead of a sheet because I like a slightly heavier weight than just a thin cotton sheet. Now it’s getting cooler, I keep a duck egg blue light fleece blanket folded at the bottom of the bed so I can pull it up if it gets chilly in the middle of the night.

I guess when we get into October, I’ll start putting a duvet inside my duvet cover - I usually start off with 4.5 tog, then go on to 7 tog and 10.5 tog as Autumn turns into Winter - with the rising cost of heating, I might end up stuffing two duvets inside the cover together to keep warm!

I do have a couple of silk duck egg blue cushions with beaded fringes which decorate the bed in front of the pillows during the day and a mallard called Peter who perches in front.
Peter is a jellicat duck - he was a gift and I’ve had him for many years but he has only been allowed on my bed since I moved into this house because his gorgeous teal and duck egg blue colouring match my new bedroom colour scheme perfectly!

To be honest, I find fancy cushions and decorative stuff on the bed a bit of a nuisance - it all gets put on top of a wooden blanket chest at night, then back on the bed after I’ve made it in the morning. I rarely go into the bedroom during the day and nobody else does, so moving the cushions back and forth all seems a bit pointless, really! :rofl:

It reminds me of a really funny sketch in a Dave Gorman show - I’ll try to find a video and post it, if you like - though I don’t want to de-rail your thread so I won’t if you’d rather I didn’t.

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By all means post the vid, Boot,:+1:

OK, here it is!

The part that the bed cushions reminded me of is at the beginning but it was easier to post the whole episode

(Warning - a couple of rude words in this)

Modern Life is Goodish. Series 1 Episode 3

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Sir Terence Conran introduced the duvet I believe?
Top fella!

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We have a memory mattress with a protector a fitted sheet,4 pillow cases,king sized flat sheet,and a quilt.
No cushions scattered or otherwise,3 cuddly`s on chest of drawers.

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Currently, I only have a quilt cover on, as it’s warm & during the winter I tend to use a 1.5 tog quilt.

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This teddy bear I bought while up in the west midlands, got some funny looks from other drivers moving down south on the motorway as it was strapped to the car front seat. The squirrel we got when we bought The Kia Sorento as a donation was given to Acorns Children’s Hospice


I want that Bear!!!..:heartpulse::heartpulse:

Similar to mine.

King single bed, double wool doona (duvet?), two pillows, fitted sheet, electric blanket and mattress protector.

All my other beds (there are two doubles and two singles for visitors) have down doonas, waterproof mattress protectors, fitted sheets and a couple of pillows each. Definitely no cushions or teddy bears to be seen

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I’ve still got me Hungarian Goose Feather down: Goose down duvets - #7 by Azz :003:

I also have two of each:

  • Mattress protectors (that I wash whenever I wash bedding)
  • Fitted cotton sheet
  • Cotton sheet
  • Cotton duvet cover
  • Cotton blanket for summer (instead of Duvet)

I prefer natural materials and find all of the above keep me warm but also allow my body to breathe. Highly recommend natural materials for bedding if any of you have trouble sleeping :023:


White egyptian cotton sheets & pillow cases.
Cream duvet cover & pillow shams & 4 square cushions.

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Anything in contact with your body is much better if a natural material.

I find I sleep much better with cotton sheets.

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I must say I fancy an electric blanket, it’s lovely getting into a warm bed,…you can also buy over heated blankets,:+1:

I must admit I may buy one of those, mine is a cheapo from Wilco, I have a furniture store here, only a couple of hundred yards from where I live, they sell feather down duvets, pillows,etc, I bought 2 of these from there ,also pillow protectors.

If I bought that feather down duvet,I would have to buy a duvet protector as well ,as they have to be dry cleaned I believe…:+1: