What the new Partygate video shows

A crime was definitely committed here, have you seen that guys jumper?


Yes, whilst others couldn’t be close to hold hands with their dying loved ones, these were partying and having a good time, some even being honoured for it…


The video is already included here:

These are people who worked for a mayoral candidate.

They have nothing to do with the government

They have nothing to do with the Conservative Party.

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Never mind that jumper. He was so obviously on a promise :grin::+1:
That was a pre-coital ‘dance’ if ever I saw one :wink:

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Without wanting to defend the Conservatives, we shouldn’t forget that Starmer and his cronies also had a party, but they got away with it because Durham police had been bought off by the Labour Party

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It just amazes me that people still defend them when it’s so blatantly clear the contempt they feel for us peasants and the law :face_vomiting::nauseated_face:

It reminds me of the end of Animal Farm when the pigs are partying with the humans with the other animals watching in through the window

You really can’t tell those “ snout in the trough”people and Johnson from pigs, can you?

“As Clover and the other animals watch the arguments through the dining-room window, they are unable to discriminate between the humans and the pigs”


And Sue Grey broke the impartiality rules.

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There is no way, that those two farting about, could be described as dancing! They whole bunch should be arrested as well, by The Fashion Police! :partying_face: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :hushed:

What utter nonsense…

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Zuludog is absolutely right.

Nurses were partying at work as well, doing well rehearsed tic-tok dances instead of caring for people who had cancer, strokes, diabetes, mental health issues and a whole bunch of other conditions.

What this does tell us though is Parliament and the NHS didn’t believe its own bullshit about COVID-19 and instead stuck two fingers up at the stupid rules. Others, including me did the same, but we weren’t so cagey about it LOL.

Those who mislead the public, all 650 of them, (plus SAGE, the NHS, ITV, BBC, Channel 4, Sky News (who also broke the rules), the paper MSM and the unions) need to be held to account.

i do feel its much ado about nothing
the country would not have survived so well without rule-breakers
at the pointy end Doctors and nurses in theatre
right down to Govt offices running things
or police going on raids…might they have all gone in separate vans?
i think its time to stop flogging a dead donkey
like the three stoogies waiting to go on air, do we think they came in three different directions? or were they stood together comparing figures waiting for their cue to solemnly march out properly distanced to intone the list of dead …it was a terrible time for all, admittedly horrendous for some, but what might any of us gain by pursuing a dead donkey???

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because one thing the brits excel at and enjoy as an honoured social event is pursuing and beating a dead donkey. ffs leave it all alone and get on with enjoying life ??


And the people who held such contempt for the rest of us who followed the rules shamed for life

So that they may never hold a responsible job or be trusted again and the shame haunt them for the rest of their days


I think you are wandering into the realms of fantasy,now.

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Yes, of course, because they have no shame, do they?

But we can all play a part in making sure what they did isn’t ever forgotten and make it harder for them to just carry on with their lives and move on


They just didn’t give an “F” for the “R” rate!

I turned up for a “partygate” get together over here recently and they told me "ya brought the wrong gate mon we meant singles gates not double farmgates - ya need the next street they’re doing “farmygates”

party gate harmygate ; armygate - give it all a rest fgs and just bunker down and have a party ffs!

gumbo, bet you ain’t got a jazzy jumper, more of a tank top kinda guy, yes?