What sort of cooker is this?

Found this on YouTube - obviously an Australian cookery programme - but look at that cooker - it is really strange. What sort of fuel is it using? Are all Australian cookers like that? I am intrigued.

I am no expert on this but it looks like a commercial gas fired stove you would find in a takeaway place or restaurant kitchen.

I just use my BBQ for fried rice like that

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That’s not quite like Chinese fried rice that I’m familiar with. It’s usually egg cooked with the rice, not egg added after the rice cooks. I also don’t generally see fried rice using long grain rice.

@Bruce - Thanks, Bruce, never seen anything quite like it before. :grinning: :grinning:

I’ve seen that type before in India. It probably originally had conventional bars across the long burner, but with time and use, the heat damaged original bars have been changed for steel tube welded into place. Those replacements look good for more even heat distribution.

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Almost certainly it will be gas & they are horizontal bars. Google Whirlpool WCG97US6DS. That had a horizontal grate & I belive it was simply so pans of all sizes sit level & stable.

Edited to add, it will almost certainly be gas, as electricity does not normally give sufficient heat for a wok.


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