What is something that everyone looks silly doing?

Chasing after a piece of paper blown on the wind
Walking along talking to a hands free phone

Joggers, mainly older overweight people, huffing and puffing. with beetroot red faces, stomping up and down rather unforgiving concrete pavements. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I think there are easier way to lose weight, without all that exertion.

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Walking into a spider web by surprise and then trying to brush it off of one’s face.

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Done that a few times. The fright of “where is the spider that built this web”?


The dog taking me for a walk must amuse some.Especially when she stops suddenly to sniff something and I go over the top.

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Desperately running for the bus and missing it.

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@Bretrick staggering home from the watering hole completely bladdered … eejits the lot of 'em🤬

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I was guilty of that many, many times, back in my drinking days. :roll_eyes:

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Tripping up, hitting the ground, then getting up pretending nothing happened

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My Husband in our previous house, he used to talk to our neighbour on the other side of the road, through a big Hedge and people would walk pass thinking he was Nutty talking to the Hedge.


In the nicest possible way that makes me think of something that Victor Meldrew would do :+1:

I agree.

They would be talking for quite a while behind the bushes, one day my hubby came indoors and said to me, a couple just walked passed me and thought I was some Mental person talking to the bushes.


Sex, pure and simple.

I have always felt that there must be a better way of doing it.

Wearing clothes too young for their age!

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