What is Fear

Just had never experienced real fear before…what does that even mean when as Humans we counteract bad feelings and replace with positive stuff…animals run on instincts… Do we also though…like a defence system within us…just giving a lot of thoughts whilst havin’ to stay still for the dye to go in before a body scan…boring but necessary

Fear? I knew guy who got seriously injured in a Paper Mill. It was nearly fatal and was six months before he recovered. He never quite got over it.

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You never know when you might have to run, best keep the body in good enough state, just in case


A bit of fear is natural when it comes to hospital procedures. Just got to stoically face it. Nobody is there to harm you.


When I went to Sydney Eye Hospital a few decades ago my previous hospital experience was in the UK in a Children’s ward with probably 50 beds in rows, I thought it was hell. 50 years later I found hospitals are like a mildly luxurious hotel but with wonderful staff - fear completely gone.

The one fear I cannot overcome is the dentist - to me they are still using those horrible drills with articulated arms and black belts running up to turn the drill. They were slow, noisy and painful. Even though I KNOW they are a thing of the past and that the dentist uses high speed drills I still sit in the chair in a cold sweat.

BTW in the 1970s I went to a dentist (accompanying a friend) in India where the dentist had one of those drills but he peddled it as he drilled. Or rather it was treadle like my great aunts’ sewing machines

Just my opinion, I think everyone has experienced fear. Again just my 2¢ here.
You can learn how people will handle fear just about every time they encounter fear.
When people get surprised unexpectedly, react differently. Some start screaming, some run, some go into defence mode and face it and then some go in to attack mode.
Yes, there is different level of fear. Take bees or bug for example, some freak out and others just ignore them.
Some need a second to confront it.

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