What I hate about wild life documentaries

What I hate even in David Attenborough documentaries is the inevitable scene of predators killing some antelope / zebra or some other poor beast .


Muddy, it’s nature, animals have to kill to eat, or they starve & they only kill to eat, where as we can kill just for fun & some do.

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I know Tiffs but nature is so cruel .


I can’t watch any wildlife programs where wildlife is killed, I can’t stand to see any animal suffer in death ,it makes me feel ill, whether it’s nature or not.

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Yes in a way it is. Doesn’t bother me to watch, but I can see it would upset some people though.

I don’t like watching it either, and always silently cheer when the prey manages to escape…I know its tough for the predator wasting all that energy, just to lose its dinner, but…at least nobody died.

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I quite agree.We know it happens.We don’t need the graphic scenes.


What is worse to me is seeing the animals on those rescue programs being neglected, starved, hurt & damaged by so called humans.

Yes we say the same thing…We know they all have to eat to survive…we don’t need to see this happening. Call it burying your head, but it is upsetting…When a fox grabbed hold of our Precious Fluffles the duck,he had no chance and would have suffered of course. That was over 7 years ago and it still hurts me.

That’s the very reason I never watch those programmes Muddy. Maybe I am burying my head in the sand because I know it is reality - but I don’t have to watch it!