What have you done today?

Today, I woke up from 10 hours undisturbed sleep (recovery from that time in A&E yesterday). Online lesson, then visit daughter in hospital, then home, then online lesson, the spagh bol for tea, bit of TV and now relaxing.


Dex, my thoughts are with you and your family, may your daughter make a full recovery very soon and be back home with you again.

It must be so worrying for you. Kind thoughts to you all. X

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@Dextrous63 My best wishes to your daughter and my thoughts are with you all., hope she will be home soon with no adverse effects. Scary being from a cold to blood clot.
You and your family will be in my prayers.

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Thanks Kazz. When the eye consultant showed us the eye scans and candidly said the distortion in shape and veins was possibly down to a brain blood clot and that she was thus sending my daughter for an emergency CT scan, both my daughter and I were scared witless!! Not really what one wants to hear at all!!!


Hope it’s good news for you both Dex, keeping my fingers crossed for you. :crossed_fingers:

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Faffed about, so far.

received an email from royal mail to say my covid tester is being delivered today, which I ordered online yesterday to use next friday before going into nhs for a venesection.

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messaged Ms PixieKnuckles

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I made the long overdue decision to spend the rest of my life fighting back against severe depression and severe anxiety, because I deserve a life better than the one I’m living! Mental health troubles should have never got me angry! As long as I’m not dead, I have life! :slight_smile:

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I logged in to check that I had not given my now cancelled debit card as the number to charge while I am on the Christmas cruise. As it happened it wasn’t but while I was looking I noticed that the cruise doesn’t depart from Circular Quay as I had on my one and only previous cruise but from White Bay Cruise Terminal on the western side of the harbour bridge.

Lucky I noticed this because although I still don’t know the name of the ship White Bay is not as easy to get to as Circular Quay. Anyway to cut a long story short I booked a shuttle bus from Central Station to White Bay for $15

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Tea and porridge, a mug of coffee next. But before that, I do a covid test in advance of my hospital chemo department visit for a venesection. hahha sounds painful but it’s not.

My good lady tried to teach me how to use that washing machine thing in the kitchen, it’s complicated, you need a BSc just to switch it on…this is how it actually looked to me……

Relocated one of the CCTV cameras, and routed the wires inside trunking to prevent intentional damage.

Strolled the dogs.
Cut the grass - it needed it.

ours looks like this

and I’m going to the moon.

A space saving device, clearly!

I think ours needs one of those cleaning tablet things?

I went to the rugby…Newport won :grinning:

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Woke up!! thankfully

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Nothing much - just relaxing at home and doing laundry!