What have you done today?

The hedge looks perfect did you use some sort of measuring line?

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Just by eye and limit of reach Muddy.

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Wow! What a huge transformation!
Are you currently doing ALL of this ?
Is that red rig yours or are you renting it.

:joy: I second this. :wink: lol
That’s funny.

collected Love in a mist seeds for next year

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Twas back in 2015 Chelsea. The red rig belongs to a team of builders I hired to clear the land and build a wall. They also laid a concrete base for the summer house…


That is truly some extensive work you’ve had done which must have cost a fortune. The summer house is really cute. Is it for when you get extra guests or for you both to sit and enjoy some hobbies?

I’m confused in where your backyard is.
Is the big main wall at the back of that summer house and your main house in front?

My BH was a florist,they had a nick name for that.
something in the fog. :grinning:

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The summer house makes a nice place to sit and read Chelsea, I can also get WiFi in there, so it’s just a nice quiet space in the summer really. I love just sitting in there on a rainy day and listening to the rain pitter patting on the roof, a good place for thinking…I seem to do a lot of that these days… :thinking:
It’s all insulated so it’s warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The back garden is not very big, we don’t have as much space as you do in the USA, but there’s enough room for a garage, the summer house, and a lawn with a rockery and somewhere to sit out and get the legs brown…Not this year though… :frowning_face:

The photograph of the summer house is taken with your back to the bungalow looking at the back wall to the neighbours bungalow behind the summer house, his garden is much higher than ours so it also acts as a retaining wall as well as a bit of privacy.


It was raining today so I did bugger all. Well, almost bugger all.

I topped up the battery in my camper, it is a 100Ah deep cycle lead acid, and I was quite shocked how low it was, It took about1.5 litres of demin before all the internals were covered to a decent depth.

Entirely my fault - my other aux battery is an AGM which you can’t top up whereas this one is an el cheapo flooded lead acid which to be honest I had forgotten about. It is permanently on trickle charge via its solar panel so I guess this caused the evaporation.

It seems to work OK, very recently I ran a test to see if it could sustain a portable fridge with its 40 watt solar panel .It lasted for 36 hours before I disconnected the fridge as it was not sufficiently charged to last over night without discharging it below 50%.

I have just fitted a 65 watt panel which might do better.

Put my new computer chair together…

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Thanks Foxy
Sitting and reading was my first thought you’d use your summer house for and it insulating it was smart. It must be nice sitting in their in the winter time.

The wall is a great idea is add privacy if you have none. It’s really smart what you’ve done you’ve done with your space. You’ve really made the most of it.

By the way, I don’t like in the USA, I live in Canada. That’s the country just above the USA.

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Sorry Chelsea, I just assumed from ‘North America’ in your profile that you were American…My apologies…

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No biggie. There is a huge distinction though.
I just noticed my spell check error. :woman_facepalming:

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What are the vines climbing up the fence?
It looks like clematis as well as something else

It’s a Trumpet Vine. A prolific grower once it establishes, almost too much. It can be quite invasive. I cut it right back once as year and that keeps it under control. Popular with the bees.

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Just on my way back to my Sons place, to do a bit more work on the Dwarf Wall, there is a terrible Dwarf problem up that end of the village :icon_wink:

There a terrible dwarf village in southwest Sichuan Province.

Oh yes! I see it flowering here. That’s really impressive growth considering you cut it down once a year. It must look gorgeous mid summer.

I went a walk in the Vale and picked Blackberries , froze some and ate some with Yoghurt,
There was a Sign for Eggs pay by card ,maybe next time im that way .