What have you done today?

Never touch pork of any description.
I love pigs too much .

We also walked with the dog too at about 0745. This was to the grocery store. The dog and I sat in the shade. Back home by 0830 and it was already 20C. And that’s all I have done.

We were out an about by 7-30 home by 8-30 , close all the curtains the house keeps relatively cool , south facing that is which the back of house is.

East in morning for us.at the back door so we can open windows in the morning. Then in the afternoon I can sit in the back garden under the pergola with a cold beer…:slight_smile:

Let us know how you get on. The smokey pork loin I got was quite thinly sliced, makes a fab sandwich.

just shaped that into six burgers, 3 for tonight, 3 for another night.

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Our house in cool in summer. Cool in winter too, but warms up quickly.

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I thought I’d stumbled on to a Polska site by accident…

Today, I managed to finish off some prep work to re-lay some block paviours. Also took my daughter’s car for a mini valet and managed to keep a random fella who sidled up to me happy. He said he had all sorts of personality disorders and described several ongoing issues with all manner of authrities, and had even been to prison a few years back. That was fun!!

Also managed to nip to Wickes and buy some cement and pea shingle. Crikey, to think i used to shift those bags with consummate ease. One of each gave me palpitations today.

Just finished with a bit of watering in the garden and feeding tomorite to relevant crops.

Goodness … hope you have a good time.

@Dextrous63 … it all sounds energetically industrious.
I’m afraid I’ve slobbed. I did a painting, scoffed two magnums and now I’ve hit my exhaustion tipping point.

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Champagne or chocolate covered ice cream?

Mr B and I drove our son and grandson to Bristol airport. They were on their way to Naples (there by now!) as the first step in a trip which my son promised his boy on completion of his GCSE’s. So it’s going to be 7 flights, 7 countries, 7 days. They haven’t planned beyond Naples, where they’ll book another flight to another country, to leave tomorrow late afternoon, giving them time to do a bit of sight seeing in and around Naples first. So of course it all depends on what flights leave Naples late afternoon!

Not the best way to spend a sweltering hot day, but thank heavens Mr B had the air con re-gassed recently - would have been hell otherwise.

I’d be legless :grin:

I’ve not done much today. I am seriously fed up with this heat.

Went to a couple of local shops.
Watered & fed a few plants.
Read a bit, and did a crossword.
Had a chap round to talk about new bathroom flooring.
Then been reading up on how to take cuttings from my carnivorous plants.

You be careful they don’t bite Mups

Hah, yes, I hadn’t thought of that Morti.
What would I do without you. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I am thinking of getting a pitcher pot one of those red ones are they easy to keep?

These plants fascinate me, Muddy. I’ve got about a dozen now, of about 5 different sorts.
They are bog plants, so mostly need to stand in a tray or container of water. They can’t have tap water either, because of the chemicals in it.
At the moment, because my water butts are not filling up, I am having to buy distilled water for them.

See if either of these very good sites help you decide, Muddy.


Or . .

Do you remember this?(I used to work with his brother,my only claim to fame)

Apparently I was at infant’s school with Brian Jones and at the Grammar with Noel Redding - don’t remember either of them