What have you done in the garden today?

Still nothing today it’s too cold and the ground is frozen.

Does having an allotment count? Had my half plot since early November and it’s either been too wet or cold. I have ground coverings down and popped round yesterday to re-position them all, where they’d blown loose from the pegs in the recent winds. Yes, ground still too frozen for me to start digging.

I bought five pallet collars a week or so ago and dragged them onto the coverings to help weigh them down. If committee members walk past, they can at least see I am making an effort.

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Let the Dog out for a tinkle.

Cut the old leaves off some of the hellebores and weeded around them.

Yes it does.

Dug up 2 old currant bushes they wasn’t easy but i did it.

I pulled up 3 rose bushes , I like the flower but the thorns on it are leathal , and with black spot they looked unsightly . I want something which is desease resistant and looks good all year round …

Sowed some snapdragon, bell flower and polyanthus seeds. It’s too cold outside with the cold winds.

been away for four days, had a walk round, don’t look any different

There is a new piano in the lounge.

Cut off some more old leaves on the hellebores.

had a walk round and thought if it stays dry for another few days the grass might get mown, mmm

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Planted 30 snowdrops in the green and potted up 9 lilly bulbs in 3 pots.

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that mmm earlier turned into yes lawns mowed

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A tad early

is there a rule book for when

Yes there is

Posted a while back about my echium plants. They have suffered badly in the winter and the leaves are all black and drooping. Shall I just cut them off and see what happens? I didn’t cover them because our garden is quite sheltered and I have seen lots growing locally and nobody else looked to have covered theirs. Thanks

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I would cut them off and see what happens. Last year it took one of my lupins to start growing, i was about to dig it up but i saw shoots growing.

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Cut off some more of the old leaves on the hellebores, still got to do some more.

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